Russia has been deprived of the right to host the 2023 World Hockey Championship

The Council of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) has deprived Russia of the right to host the 2023 World Hockey Championships, based on its decision, based on the safety of its participants, the organization’s website said. However, the statement does not mention the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the course of such a war at all.

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The decision is based on the safety of players, officials, the media and fans, emphasizes IIHF. It was adopted by the Council at the IIHF Council meeting in Zurich on 26 April.

The statement does not even mention Ukraine or any course of the war, the IIHF merely referring to Article 9 of its statutes. One of the reasons for the organizer to deprive the championship is the limited freedom of movement of the championship participants.

The IIHF Annual Congress will take place at the 2022 World Hockey Championships in Tampere in May, deciding on the new organizer of the competition.

The IIHF also recalls that it has already deprived Omsk and Novosibirsk of the right to host the 2023 World Championships for juniors. At the time, the council expressed great concern about the travel of players and officials to and from Russia.

The 2023 World Hockey Championship was to take place in St. Petersburg from 5 to 21 May.

It has already been reported that after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) suspended all Russian and Belarusian national teams and clubs from competitions organized by the IIHF.

Instead of Russia and Belarus, France and Austria will play in the 2022 championship, ranking the highest national team from countries not expected to play in the top division.

The 2022 World Cup in Finland is scheduled for May 13-29.

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