Robin Gosens dreams of moving to FC Schalke 04 – Bundesliga

The biggest dream of Robin Gosens (27) burst in 2019 – but he still hopes for a happy ending.

The international (13 caps) wants to play for Schalke before the end of his career.

At DAZN, Gosens reveals: “I hope that in five or six years, I don’t know exactly when my career will end, we’ll look at photos or videos where I’m in royal blue. Then I would have a perfect career.”

He never made a secret of the fact that the DFB star has a soft spot for the second division. In the past, Gosens (who grew up about 80 kilometers from Gelsenkirchen) said he liked playing for the Royal Blues during his career.

In 2019 it was almost time: According to Gosens, a transfer failed at the time because ex-club Atalanta Bergamo (2017 to 2022) and Pott-Klub could not agree on a transfer fee.

The national player is currently on loan from Bergamo to Inter Milan. The Italians have a purchase obligation of 25 million euros, Gosens will then receive a contract until 2026.

And then at Schalke?



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