Report reveals Roman Abramovich’s billion dollar disaster at Chelsea

Big minus: In Roman Abramovich’s time, Chelsea won twice Champions Leaguebut financially the time was below that Russian owner a disaster. According to “Sport Bild”, the bottom line is a loss of 1.29 billion euros in the 19 years. The total debt of the club is said to be 2.15 billion euros.

Wages: One of the main reasons is the enormous salaries. In the 2020/2021 season, the club paid 353 million euros for a total of 844 employees, including 169 players (several teams). Since 2003, Chelsea are said to have paid 3.74 billion euros in salaries, of which 3.43 billion for the first team.

Transfers: The second main reason is the transfer cost. The club has invested €2.8 billion in new stars since 2003, €353 million in the 2017/2018 season alone. On the other hand, “only” 948 million euros were earned through transfer proceeds. The most expensive sale was Eden Hazard three years ago with 115 million euros.

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