Repechage | NFL: The First Choice Debate

LAS VEGAS | It wouldn’t be a real draft in Las Vegas if the bookmakers didn’t spice up the first pick held by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Year after year, the very first choice holds little mystery. This year isn’t quite as predictable, though Georgia defensive end Travon Walker emerged in the final hours as the favorite to become the Jaguars’ hot spot, according to bookmakers.

We shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but Aidan Hutchinson, who played at the same position for the University of Michigan, was the favorite so far.

Walker is conspicuous by his absence from the draft, he who was obviously part of the NFL invitees, but who declined. He will therefore not climb on the platform when his name is sounded.


Hutchinson is present with his family and he finds himself in a good situation, regardless of the outcome. If the Jaguars opt for him, he will live the unique honor of being first in class.

If they let him go, however, there’s a good chance the Lions will jump on him.

Hutchinson, a native of Michigan, would therefore stay at home in Detroit.

“It would be great Jacksonville and also Detroit. I would be happy anywhere. I take everything said with a grain of salt. Since high school, I got used to blocking out all outside noise. »

“I’m just glad it’s over, to get back to my normal routine. I will keep a low profile and become a football player again, ”he told the author of these lines yesterday, during a period of media availability with the hopes.

A big debate

Should the Jaguars, who have often missed their mark despite enviable draft picks, opt for the cautious approach with Hutchinson, a productive player, but not necessarily the most spectacular?

Or should they aim for the moon with Walker, whose potential seems limitless, but who has been very unproductive?

“If I were them, I’d park quietly in the driveway and be happy to go home with Hutchinson.” I can understand that with a first choice, they have the attraction of going elsewhere to hit a home run, ”imagined NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah when Le Journal asked him the question. question.

More than just an analyst, Jeremiah worked as a scout for the Ravens organization from 2003 to 2006, then with the Browns and Eagles until 2012.

“When I was in Baltimore, our philosophy was not to go for the home run, but for the hit. Often, it turned into doubles, triples and circuits. The worst thing is to run into butter with a first choice,” he continued.

A difference

For his part, Joel Klatt, NCAA football analyst at Fox Sports, believes that Walker is in danger of reaching a level that would justify such an investment.

“His ceiling is extremely high. With such a range, it could have been used differently. That’s kinda the difference. Georgia never built their defense around Walker, while Michigan built everything around Hutchinson, especially last year,” he said.

Shortly after 8 p.m., the Jaguars will end the suspense, but not necessarily the debate.


  • Matt Corralquarterback (Ole Miss)
  • Malik Willisquarterback (Liberty)
  • Drake Londonreceiver (USC)
  • Garrett Wilsonreceveur (Ohio State)
  • Chris Olavereceveur (Ohio State)
  • Jameson Williamsreceiver (Alabama)
  • Evan Nealblocker (Alabama)
  • Ikem Ekwonublocker (NC State)
  • Charles Crossblocker (Mississippi State)
  • Zion Johnsongarde (Boston College)
  • Aidan Hutchinsonedge (Michigan)
  • Kayvon Thibodeauxedge (Oregon)
  • Jermaine Johnson IIedge (Florida State)
  • George Karlaftisedge (Purdue)
  • jordan davisplaqueur (Georgia)
  • Nakobe Deansecondeur (Georgia)
  • Devin Lloydsecondeur (Utah)
  • Sauce Gardnerhalf corner (Cincinnati)
  • Kyler Gordoncornerback (Washington)
  • Kyle Hamiltonmarauder (Notre Dame)


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