Real Valladolid Basketball takes advantage of the art of motivation against Castelló

The freedom of fantasy is no flight into unreality; It is creation and daring. And this UEMC Real ValladolidAlthough it sounds repetitive he is daring, very daring. Su sleep to access the promotion playoffs (for many big words) follow intact (at least held by a fine thread) After his another victory, the sixth in seven games after the arrival of the motivating Paco García.

The Tau Castellón knelt in a Pisuerga who recovers little by little, game by game, the faith in basketball that he lost until the arrival of the new coach. And coincidence or not, the basketball of the regenerate for the cause UEMC Real Valladolid Basketball is other, able to fightThat always whipped from the bench due to the requirement of a Paco Garcia non-conformist like few others who is hoarse and does not hesitate to expose and almost ridicule his player as he is Serge of the Source looking for an answer.

And the reply of the wounded captain camepossibly with the anger of having suffered in their own flesh that of ‘Earth swallow me’when Paco García was furious with him after conceding the launch of a triple to Faner who served to wake up the Tau Castelló (57-46).


That anger, heard throughout the pavilion (the doubt is whether the Valladolid coach took advantage of the silence in the stands at that moment to instruct, without mincing words, his player) he served as holy water for a vindictive Sergio de la Fuente, who would become moments later in the soul of the team with three almost consecutive triples with the label of daredevils in a kind of challenge to see who was more stubborn. And who won? Both of them. The principle of action and reaction.

The UEMC Real Valladolid commanded throughout the match knowing that his regenerated basketball can make anyone’s afternoon bitter, as was shown yesterday. It was won and well although the victory will be spoiled by the whistle concert given by some collegiate, s determined to take the protagonism away from the players. That prominence incomprehensibly helped deprive UEMC Real Valladolid of also winning the particular average against the Valencian team due to an unsportsmanlike foul indicated ten seconds from the end that was totally non-existent and that caused a (1 + 2) that reduced the difference between the purples from 8 to 5 points when in the first round match in Castellón he had fallen by six points (86-80).


The Real Valladolid Basketball, with that magical couple formed by the electric Wintering with a Pippen who is another (after the ‘repair’ of his knee by ‘Doc’ Javier Alonso), and to those who the club plans to initiate contacts for its renewal, is able to convince and compete. And all to follow the rebuke of Cáceresthe team that he has in his sights to ‘steal’ that ninth place that entitles him to the playoffs, which did not fail against Almansa (95-89) and which is still two wins away with three games to play, a direct one between them.



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