Pulkrab case: What are the reasons for his departure for Slavia and why can’t Sparta fans get over it?

Slavia has a wide staff, which regularly completes each transfer period. However, this makes some players redundant and the youngsters in particular then go on to host other teams. Which players did the hosting and which did not?

We take into account the evaluation of selected young players who had a certain position in the A-team and hosting since the 2016/17 season, when Slavia was taken over by rich owners.

Tomas Soucek – Slovan Liberec – 2016/17

Absolutely hit black and terno with everything. Otherwise, this hosting cannot be called. Souček had previously joined the Slavia A-team, but after Ngade’s arrival as a defensive midfielder, there was no room left for the offspring and he left for Liberec to perform.

There he met the fateful coach Jindřich Trpišovský, with whom he knew from Žižkov. And in the north of Bohemia, Souček became a complete footballer, who returned to Eden in style, gradually became the captain of Slavia and the national team, and broke the transfer record from the Czech league.

Rating – successful hosting

Libor Holík – Karviná – 2016/17

Holík came to Slavia from Slovácko as a teenager, but he still belonged to the A-team, where he was to become the number one future defender. He made his league debut in the 2015/16 season, and at the start of the 2016/17 season, coach Dušan Uhrin even threw him into the water and sent him to the preliminary round of the European League at Tallinn. However, the teenager was not yet ready for that, but at the same time the junior league was small for him, so he went to Karviná.

It is difficult to describe the hosting as successful, Holík intervened in 17 matches during the season, but only started eleven times in the base, in the other six he came into the game from the bench, in the remaining matches he sat on the bench. The vast majority of them came in the autumn, in the spring he used to sit on a bench. After returning from hosting, he transferred from Slavia to Zlín, from where he subsequently transferred to Jablonec. Viktoria Plzeň bought it from the north of Bohemia after great performances.

Rating – rather unsuccessful hosting

Petar Musa – Viktoria Zizkov, Slovan Liberec – 2017/18 – 2019/20

Another appropriately chosen hosting. Petar Musa spent a season and a half at Žižkov and scored 11 goals in FNL. In the 2018/19 season, he traveled one floor up to the Slovan in Liberec. He acclimatized there in the first half of the year, but in the second he started, he scored 7 goals in the autumn and Slavia withdrew him in the winter.

He also scored 7 goals in the red and white jersey in the spring, became King of the Shooters (together with Libor Kozák) and shot Slavia the title. He scored 4 goals the following season and left to join the Bundesliga Union Berlin in the winter. Upon his return, however, he did not stay in Eden and traveled to Portugal, where he was bought for a decent price by Boa Vista. He already has 11 goals in the current season and a summer transfer to Benfika Lisbon is planned.

Rating – successful hosting

Martin Vantruba – Trnava, Podbrezova, Pohronie, Příbram, North Zealand – 2018 – 2021

Vantruba was supposed to be the future Slavic number one, he was a great Slovak goalkeeper talent. But in Eden, he never fulfilled his potential, which was not helped by the failed hosting.

The young goalkeeper came from Trnava, where he also traveled back to hosting. Then came the stations in Podbrezová and Podhronie, but neither was terno. He headed to Příbram, but he did not play a single match there. So another guest came, this time in Nordsjaelland, Denmark. However, he started a single match there. In the summer of 2021 he transferred to Dunajská Streda.

Rating – failed hosting

Jan Matousek – Pribram, Jablonec, Liberec – 2019 – 2022

When it comes to wasted money and unsuccessful hosting in connection with Slavia, Jan Matoušek will probably think of everyone. Příbram’s offspring had a huge potential, which he has not yet been able to fulfill. He came to Slavia after a great start in the league in Příbram, in the autumn he played 13 matches for Slavia in all competitions and scored a single goal. All the more important, however, because he shot a win in the European League in Copenhagen and repaid at least part of his transfer amount.

In the spring, he returned to guest appearances in Příbram, scoring a total of 11 goals in his first league season. Before the next season, however, he did not want to fight for a place in Slavia and went straight to guest in Jablonec. He was quite successful there, scored 6 goals and prepared another 3. For the next year, however, he went on a guest visit to Liberec, where he stopped doing well.

He also often struggled with injuries, eventually playing 19 league matches with a balance of 0 + 0. In the current year, it is a bit better, he has 24 matches and three goals. In the summer, however, his contract ends in Slavia and he certainly did not ask for a new one with his hosting.

Rating – failed hosting

Patrik Hellebrand – Slovácko, Opava, České Budějovice – 2020 – 2022

But the football player he looks at beautiful does not suit him very much. A small offspring of Zlín, he moved to Slovácko as a teenager, where he started peeking into the league. He was so impressed that the Prague Slavia bought it. In the spring of 2019/20, it was to be part of the personnel redevelopment after the departure of Souček, Škoda, Hušbauer and other support.

He jumped into 10 league matches, but in the summer he returned to guest appearances in Slovácko, where he jumped into only 7 matches. In the spring, he traveled to another guest, this time in Opava. He played 17 matches there, but did not prevent the descent.

In the summer he went to České Budějovice, where he gets a certain game space, but he still doesn’t have any numbers and the performances could also be better. In the winter, he became part of the exchange for Maksym Talovjerov and thus became a tribal player of the South Bohemians.

Rated – failed hosting

Michal Beran – Liberec, Pardubice, Bohemians – 2021 – 2022

Another young man who was expected to be much more. However, he is still only 21 years old, so he still has time. Beran came from Liberec, where he impressed with his energetic concept of the game and great technical equipment. In Slavia, however, he played only 6 matches in the 2020/21 season;

Last summer, he left for Pardubice, which was close to Slavia’s style of play last year, and hosting made sense. However, the East Bohemians are drowning at the bottom of the table, not even the whole team or Beran. He scored his only assistance in the autumn and thus changed his place of work in the winter.

However, he remained at the stadium in Ďolíčko, but this time he started to play for the real home team. He started 11 matches for the Bohemians in the spring, he did not register in the statistics, and his performances are below expectations.

Rating – failed hosting

Source: Transfermarkt, Fortune league



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