Premier League: Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams, ‘black power’ for the Chelsea box


They will each contribute 10 million pounds to the proposed purchase of millionaire Martin Broughton. They follow in the footsteps of LeBron, with part of Liverpool

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References on the track and off the track. One more step in the facet of businessmen of both and one more step for diversity in football. According to the British network Sky, Lewis Hamilton y Serena Williams will invest about 20 million pounds (24 million euros) in the candidacy of Martin Broughtonone of the four contenders to buy Chelsea.

In principle, the English Formula One driver and the American tennis player, two of the richest athletes in the world, will each contribute 10 million pounds (12 million euros) to the consortium led by Broughton, former president of Liverpool and the British airline. Airways. The intention would be to contribute their leadership, their vision and their values ​​to the club now in dispute.

The other candidates are the family Ricketts, owner of the Chicago Cubs, who has precisely been criticized for certain racist comments; businessman Todd Boehly, co-owner of the LA Dodgers; and the billionaires Stephen Pagliuca y Larry Tanenbaumwith interests in the Boston Celtics and Toronto Maple Leafs.

The sale operation of Chelsea is managed by the American bank Raine Group, as decided by the still owner of the “blues”, the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovichwhose assets are frozen by the British government under the sanctions imposed on allies of the Kremlin for the war in Ukraine.

LeBron’s precedent

Likewise, it will be the London Executive that will have to approve the operation and grant the club a special license so that the sale can go ahead.

Under the current sanctions, Chelsea cannot be sold, in addition to the fact that it cannot operate in other terms, such as the sale of merchandising – its official store is still closed – or enter money through the sale of tickets. However, the London entity it remains very attractive to investors, as evidenced by the interest of Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams, two of the world’s biggest sports stars.

The Sky chain pointed out this Thursday that the tennis player, winner of 23 “big”, and the pilot, seven times F1 champion, have held talks for several weeks with the Broughton campaign to invest in the candidacy.

A source explained to this medium that the inclusion of Hamilton and Williams is a “serious business decision”, since their experience in the development of “global sports brands” is valued.

He also recalled that this is not the first time that sports personalities have invested in a Premier club. Own LeBron James has had a growing stake in Liverpool for a decade. It started with 2% or today it is already stipulated that it owns more than 5% of the entity.

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