Players’ “ignore the sign” is also welcome.

Director Shibuya of “Edosaki Boys” aims to develop players who think and decide for themselves

Enjoy baseball and get results. The junior high school baseball team “Edosaki Boys” in Inashiki City, Ibaraki Prefecture, has a track record of being in the top four of the national tournament in 2019, the fifth year since the team was founded, with an “enjoy baseball” that is never easy. Director Yasuhiro Shibuya, who leads the team, aims to develop players who think and make their own decisions. We welcome “ignoring signs” at the discretion of the players. At the root of his guidance was the teaching of Yukio Kiuchi, a teacher from Joso Gakuin High School.

Voices are frequently heard on the grounds of the Edosaki Boys. When a hit ball falls between a shortstop and a center fielder in a match-style practice, it is immediately pointed out that “call out!” However, it is the players on the bench who make a loud voice. The mouth of the director and coach does not move.

“I don’t understand players who don’t point out issues or problems. I only speak out when the players don’t point out. When talking between players, the manager gets in the way. It ’s not good for the players. ”

Yasuhiro Shibuya, who leads the team, explains why the leader is “silent”. Prohibition of angry and swearing is a major premise, but strictness is indispensable for the team. The commander says that the rigor that players point out so as not to repeat mistakes is kindness.

“I think it’s kinder to ask,” What did you look at when you made the decision? “And” I think you weren’t prepared enough, “rather than” Donmai “and” Don’t worry. ” I’m telling you that if you can’t say it because you don’t want to be hated, you’re not a companion. “

The director’s idea is one of the options, hitting by “ignoring” Bunt’s sign is also welcomed



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