Piqué agreed to a commission of 24 million euros to bring the Super Cup to Saudi Arabia

BarcelonaAs published this Monday The confidential, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has agreed with the company chaired by Gerard Piqué, Kosmos, a millionaire commission to bring the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia. In the contract signed with Sela, the Saudi public company, the RFEF was guaranteed the collection of 40 million euros for each edition, while Kosmos takes four million for each of the six years signed, 24 in total.

The confidential publishes the content of alleged conversations between the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, and Gerard Piqué: “Let’s see, Rubi, if it’s a matter of money, if Real Madrid for 8 million would go [a l’Aràbia Saudita], wafer, uncle, eight are paid in Madrid and eight in Barça, the others are paid 2 and 1. They are 19 and the Federation you have six kilos left … Before you have anything left, you stay six kilos. And under pressure from Saudi Arabia, maybe we’ll get more out of it. We tell them that if they don’t, Madrid won’t go, and we’ll get one more stick or two more sticks, “said Piqué in one of the revealed conversations. Real Madrid would have refused to play the Super Cup abroad because a lower figure than the one mentioned in the conversation.

On September 15, 2019, Rubiales congratulated Piqué, with the agreement already closed: “Geri, congratulations. And I’m not referring to yesterday’s game or your goal. I mean it’s already over 12 and therefore “The agreement with Saudi Arabia is firm. A hug, thank you for everything, and you have me here for what you need.” The first edition of the Super Cup played in Arabia was in January 2020, won by Real Madrid. Weeks before the holding of this edition, Rubiales admitted in a press conference that Kosmos had intervened in the negotiations. The Federation did not pay anything directly to Piqué’s company, as the president said, but helped to get the commission charged.

In another conversation, prior to receiving the Saudi offer, the possibility of the tournament being organized at the Camp Nou is raised. Between the two, they plot the strategy for him to play in the Catalan stadium, with Rubiales having a previous meeting with Real Madrid to offer him to play at the Santiago Bernabéu.



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