Peruvian journalist destroyed Ruggeri, Vignolo and their ESPN colleagues: “They laugh at …”

The cupbearer debut of River against Alianza Lima he left one of the controversies of the year in South American football. When the end of the match was approaching and the local team was looking for a draw, Aldair Rodríguez seriously injured Robert Rojas after giving him two kicks in the same play. The defender retired on a stretcher while he cried inconsolably, while his teammates looked amazed at how the Paraguayan’s right leg had turned out. After the match, the medical report revealed that he suffered a fracture of the tibia and fibula and this unnerved the River Plate fans and the Argentine press in general, who requested exemplary sanctions for the Peruvian striker.

From the precise moment of the play, several Argentine journalists turned to the networks to request harsh sanctions against Rodríguez, whom they called disloyal and even asked him not to play until Rojas returns to football. These reactions reached Peru and it was the professionals of the Inca country who came out to defend the Alianza Lima player. One of them was Óscar del Portal, host of the DirecTV Sports program Soccer is spoken like this, who aimed directly at Oscar Ruggeri, Sebastian Vignolo and the other members of the midday program of ESPN: “I am surprised that such well-known journalists are carried away by the situation. Especially journalists who laugh when Ruggeri He tells the anecdotes of his fouls, pins and all those things, ”said the driver and former Sporting Cristal soccer player.



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