Persebaya Youth Blood Transfer Breakthrough: Aji Santoso Aims At PSS Sleman’s Exiled Young Players

TRIBUNWOW.COM – Persebaya Surabaya in the hands of Aji Santoso is indeed consistent in the development of young players.

This can be proven by a series of young bloody players who were successfully brought to Persebaya Surabaya’s cage at the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium.

After officially bringing in a young star labeled as the Indonesian U-19 National Team, Brylian Aldama, Persebaya Surabaya has recently inaugurated the former Persita Tangerang wonderkid, Alta Ballah.

Alta Ballah was officially announced as the new recruit for Persebaya Surabaya on Friday (29/4/2022).

In the upload, Persebaya Surabaya can be seen posting a video with a concept using the story of a conversation between the boss of Bajul Ijo, the editor and the graphic of the proud club of Bonek Mania.

Not long after, a short video of Alta Ballah appeared in action with Persita Tangerang.

With the official announcement of Alta Ballah, Persebaya Surabaya has added to its list of young blood in the early transfer market for the 2022 Liga 1 season to five players.

On the other hand, not satisfied after signing Alta Ballah, the coach of Persebaya Surabaya who is known to be fond of recruiting local young fresh blood, Aji Santoso was caught targeting PSS Sleman’s outcast player, Alex Dusay.

Why are they called PSS Sleman outcasts?

This is inseparable from his name, which PSS Sleman recently signed in the mid-season transfer market of the 2021 Liga 1 season, but was released again in the early transfer market of the 2022 Liga 1 season.

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Even though he is not a national team label player or a star wonderkid, Alex Dusay is a potential young blood player who can certainly be polished by Aji Santoso to become the future star of Persebaya Surabaya and even the Indonesian national team like Marselino Ferdinand.

So, who is Alex Dusay and what is his position and what are his statistics at PSS Sleman last season?

Indeed, if examined further, Alex Dusay’s name is not as famous as other star players from Papua such as Todd Ferre, Ricky Kambuaya and Osvaldo Haay.

However, when viewed from the existing experience, the figure of Alex Dusay does not need to be doubted.



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