Penalty debate in Augsburg: again this Cologne cellar – sport

Penalty debate in Augsburg: again this Cologne cellar – sport

What does it actually look like, the so-called Cologne cellar? Does he have two legs and tight calves, like a standard soccer player? Or does he like to dash along the line on the outer lane? In any case, there is a growing impression that this offshoot of refereeing is sometimes the protagonist of entire Bundesliga games. In Augsburg, too, one could be surprised about an appearance in the catch-up game against Mainz – and there are a total of 544 kilometers of motorway between Cologne and Augsburg.

2: 1 (1: 0) was the bare result, with which the FCA pushes the relegation penetratingly. Six points ahead of the relegation places, a small series in the luggage. Life is good from an Augsburg point of view, especially since unexpected help came this time: from Cologne. Or: She stayed away at the decisive moment, which is why discussions about referee Matthias Jöllenbeck arose afterwards.

Stefan Reuter, for example, had words of praise. “I always think it’s great when a referee comes up,” said the FCA manager, referring to a couple of astonishing statements made by Jöllenbeck over the Sky microphone. The referee gave Augsburg a penalty in the 10th minute when striker Florian Niederlechner collided with Mainz keeper Robin Zentner in the penalty area. Touch yes, worthy of eleven rather no, so the general perception that actually everyone had – except for Jöllenbeck. He pointed to the point and after some tumult, Jeffrey Gouweleeuw made it 1-0.

Even the “fouled” Augsburger Niederlechner says it wasn’t a penalty

Afterwards Jöllenbeck had to correct himself, he openly admitted his mistake. “When I see the pictures, I would rather not have given it, actually it’s not a Bundesliga penalty,” he said, “I don’t see a clear goal.” His decision was “wrong” and he was sorry. In fact, a tiny touch between Niederlechner (“it wasn’t a penalty”) and Zentner can be guessed in the scene, but it only happened when the Augsburger was already on his knees tipping the ball away.

The indignation of the people of Mainz followed promptly – and it was not directed so much towards the native of South Baden Jöllenbeck, but rather up the Rhine towards the video cellar. “What are they doing in Cologne?” grumbled 05 coach Bo Svensson. It was a “blatant mistake” on the part of video screenwriter Tobias Stieler not to overrule Jöllenbeck’s whistle. The Mainz sports director Martin Schmidt also had a good pulse: “What I can’t understand is that the basement doesn’t help in Cologne and lets him make such a huge mistake.”

So once again the question of failure to provide assistance arises. At least there were explanations as to what had gone wrong: Apparently a communication breakdown caused the mess. “Maybe I didn’t describe the perception on the pitch clearly enough and maybe that’s why it wasn’t quite clear what was seen,” explained Jöllenbeck. In the direction of the video observer Stieler, he said: “I would have liked to be corrected afterwards, no matter what I say.” But this intervention did not take place because it is apparently still not clear when Cologne will overrule and when the field referee will retain final sovereignty.

Curiously, Cologne intervened a little later and canceled a goal by André Hahn (32nd) – the VAR had recognized the striker’s handball. After the great excitement, the Mainz team managed to make it 1-1 (54th) through Silvan Widmar’s left-footed shot, but shortly afterwards Ruben Vargas secured the victory with a dust collector (56th).

Mainz coach Svensson was only frustrated afterwards. “They wanted to clear that up with the video referee, but there were simply too many crucial mistakes made,” rumbled the otherwise rather level-headed Dane. Especially if you have the chance to see scenes “infinitely often”. Svensson and his Mainzers will be able to cope with the faux pas, their worries about relegation are only minimal.

But he referred to the Augsburg competitors in the relegation battle: Hertha, Bielefeld and Stuttgart. They are all falling behind with the FCA victory. “We’ll talk about it again in peace”, meanwhile announced referee Jöllenbeck, a conversation with Stieler to work through is pending. “We all have an interest in penalties like this not standing still.” And that the Cologne basement doesn’t often decide games.


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