Pavlína Wolfová about meningitis: I wanted to die!

She felt that she was ill for several weeks before she had to be hospitalized in Bulovka in August 2016. She visited her general practitioner several times, but she took her difficulties lightly: “I told her that I really had something and my hand was a little twitching. I’ve been there about four times and I remember it was terribly humiliating. ”She didn’t get any help from her GP!

It was torment

“It ended up going to Bulovka in a hurry, where they actually saved my life. I didn’t know anything about myself for the next three weeks, “Wolf described the horror experience on Talk to CNN Prima News. She managed to overcome a serious illness, but the worst was yet to come. After her release from the hospital, she was cared for by her mother, singer Pavlína Filipovská (80), but even her mother’s arms are not omnipotent. “I did not want to live. I couldn’t walk, I just lay there and wanted to die, “Wolf recalled of severe convalescence.

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She lost a lot of weight

She lost a lot of weight due to her illness. The size of 38 became 34, but there was definitely nothing positive about such a change! “I looked like old tent leather. It really wasn’t a bikini figure. The fact that I could buy pants from the shop window drew me to the bottom even more. I was done, “she confided with mental problems. However, she slowly began to recover and eventually managed to find her lost joy. “I went to a cafe and no one knew me. I wore a hat, sat in the sun, and felt like I was in heaven. I sat there thinking I really survived. I survived mainly for my children, “the moderator concluded touchingly.

Insidious encephalitis

The disease with tick-borne encephalitis resembles the flu, after a few days the problems subside, but the virus continues to multiply. The second phase is reported with fever, headaches, photophobia, memory and sleep disorders, dizziness and muscle tremor. The disease can be fatal, but even after healing, the consequences can worsen the quality of life.

Beware of prejudices!

Women face misdiagnosis and underestimation of pain. Due to the earlier exclusion of women from clinical trials, we do not have the necessary data on women’s health. Sometimes a harmful stereotype about hysteria is added, and patients with chronic problems can be left without help!

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