ÖFB: Rangnick becomes the new team boss

Rangnick will take up his post with the start of preparations for the UEFA Nations League games against Croatia, Denmark and France at the end of May. In the event of a successful qualification for the 2024 European Championships in Germany, the cooperation will automatically be extended by two more years until the 2026 World Cup in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

“It is an honor for me to take on the role of team boss. The prospect of contesting the European Championships in Germany with a young team hungry for success fills me with great anticipation,” said the designated team boss, according to the ÖFB broadcast. Rangnick should come to Austria next week at the earliest and be officially presented. The agreement between Rangnick and the ÖFB had already been confirmed to the ORF and other media associated with the association on Thursday.

Team Principal and United Advisor

The 63-year-old German will work as interim coach for English record champions Manchester United until the end of the season. His successor in the “Red Devils” will be Erik ten Hag from the Netherlands in the summer. Rangnick will remain as a consultant due to a connection contract with ManUnited, as the ÖFB also confirmed. The team boss should take care of his tasks in Manchester for a maximum of six days a month.

Rangnick becomes the new ÖFB coach

Ralf Rangnick becomes the new ÖFB team boss. The German, currently at Manchester United, was announced on Friday as the successor to his compatriot Franco Foda.

The first international matches under Rangnick’s leadership will take place in June as part of the Nations League. The German will make his debut away in Croatia on June 3rd. EM semi-finalist Denmark (6th/home, 13th/away) and France (10th/home) are the other opponents in June. For the new team boss, however, the schedule means a lot of stress. Manchester United’s last league game in England is on May 22 against Crystal Palace.

“It excites him extremely”

“Everyone knows that I am in favor of an Austrian team manager, but then a possibility arose that it would be Ralf Rangnick,” said sporting director Schöttel on Friday at the announcement at the Vienna Hotel Marriott. According to Schöttel, from a “shortlist of five people” it was agreed, after increasingly “exciting discussions”, to try Rangnick – also because the interest is mutual. “It irritates him extremely,” said the ÖFB sports director.

Schöttel as the new team boss

ÖFB sports director Peter Schöttel announced the decision about the new ÖFB national team boss at a press conference. According to Schöttel, Ralf Rangnick “opened up as an opportunity” to which one ultimately couldn’t say no.

Above all, the prospect of being the team boss of a national team on the sidelines at the European Championships in two years’ time was what ultimately brought Rangnick on board. “The EM in Germany is a very exciting effect, also for him. Above all, we want to be part of the European Championships and the next World Cup,” said Schöttel. The choice of Rangnick is also “a sign that we are also making courageous decisions.”

Architect of the Salzburg success

With Rangnick, the Austrian national team has an expert who is valued throughout Europe as team leader. Before joining Manchester United, the German worked for Stuttgart, Hanover, Schalke, Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig, among others. He led Hoffenheim and Leipzig to the German Bundesliga and finished runners-up with Schalke in 2005. In the summer of 2012, Rangnick became sports director at Red Bull Salzburg and over the next three years laid the foundation for “Red Bull football”, which is defined, among other things, by pressing.

Peter Stöger and the former Swiss team boss Vladimir Petkovic were rumored to be other promising candidates. With Rangnick’s appointment, the ÖFB selection will have their third foreign team boss in a row after Swiss Marcel Koller and German Franco Foda. The last time the domestic national team was looked after by an Austrian coach was on October 11, 2011. When it was 0-0 in Kazakhstan, Willi Ruttensteiner was in office on an interim basis.

Ralf Rangnick (RBS)

GEPA / Felix Roittner

Rangnick (Mid.) laid the foundation for Red Bull Salzburg becoming a title collector

Milletich praises decision-making process

Despite the recent decision against an Austrian coach, ÖFB President Gerhard Milletich was satisfied with the actions of his sports director and also with the decision. “When I started, I wanted to approach the team boss question in such a way that I wanted to put it in the hands of the sport. I am convinced that this path was the right one. Today I am also convinced that the decision was right,” said the Burgenlander in an ORF interview.

When making the announcement, Milletich did not shy away from advance praise for Rangnick, whom he ennobled as “an outstanding expert in international football”. With quick successes, the interest in the national team, which has recently waned, should increase again. “I’m convinced that he’s able to ignite so much fire that it not only leads to success, but also that the audience supports it. So that everyone is satisfied, not just the ÖFB, but also the audience,” said a confident head of the association.



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