no Playoffs, but a duo synonymous with hope

What is life? A ride on planet Earth, lightning, too fast to satisfy our wildest desires. But with a determined spirit, dreamy enough to escape the routine, the unpredictable opens its door. Perhaps we will down a litron of Beaujolais with Benoît Poelvoorde, at the bend of an Alsatian wine route, naturally full of charm. Or will we hold the discussion with Edouard Baer, ​​under the subdued lighting of a Parisian brasserie. And the Kings in Playof… yeah no, don’t mess around anyway.


We are not saying that TrashTalk is always on target, simply that this editorial staff is one of the few to predict so divinely. When we hear Alex say “30 wins for the Kings, I put them 12th in the West […] As long as there are trades halfway through the season”, it’s hard not to salute the accuracy of his prediction. And yet, Sacramento was the kind of team that could crack the play-in like sink into the depths of the West. Nothing was frozen.


In Kevin Durant’s basement, this is where Harrison Barnes is tied up. At the start of the season, the Sacramento winger carries the whole team on his shoulders and has a string of big cards: 36 points in Portland, 25 points and 15 rebounds for the reception of the Jazz, 24 points and 11 rebounds against the Warriors. The Kings start in style. They bring down Phoenix and lose by a thread against Utah, Golden State and Dallas. “In the locker room, you don’t hear them celebrating but talking about the things they could have done differently. This is how a group progresses”, slides Luke Walton out of victory in New Orleans. The mentality is the right one. Rookie Davion Mitchell – 9th pick in the 2021 Draft – has the 3rd defensive field goal of the League, just behind Bam Adebayo and Derrick White. The relationship between Tyrese Haliburton and Richaun Holmes pleases. There is a real inter/external balance, which for many observers is the source of Sacramento’s success. This is how they will go far.

Do you know why for fifteen years, the Kings are called “the banker’s team” ? They start all their seasons – since the 2006-07 financial year – with a positive balance sheet, before suddenly collapsing, as if they feared to be “the team that will deliver an entire city”. It has been since the 2005-06 campaign that the Californian franchise has not returned to the Playoffs. In November 2012, after a 47-point loss at Minneapolis, Stephen A. Smith – then Sacramento coach – smashed down the locker room door, unleashed by the nonchalance of his players. “We first took three victories the guys, then chained sixteen defeats! You know what ? With each additional defeat I’m going to take 10,000 balls from you, and we’ll see if we don’t make those Playoffs damn ***************! ». A legendary speech, which earned Stephen A. Smith the nickname of ” banker “. Did it work? Not at all. The Kings extended their losing streak to 32 and all players ended up on the straw. Is this story true? Clearly not, but the important thing is thatstarting Nov. 8, Sacramento has lost eight of nine games. An illusion of success, then the fall. Still.

This season, the positive record of the Kings will therefore have held up to 5 wins for 5 losses, before disappearing forever, in the meanders of a Western Conference disputed from start to finish. The key dates follow one another. On November 21, 2021, Luke Walton is fired and the brave Alvin Gentry takes over On February 8, 2022, the franchise is thrust into the center of controversy: the Kings send Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield to Indianapolis in exchange for Domantas Sabonis (basically). Sorry ? Did Monte McNair just sign one of the most daring trades – to put it mildly? “incomprehensible” – in recent years? Possibly. Selected in 12th choice of the 2020 Draft, Tyrese Haliburton had purple blood. This frankness was his. However, we will not say that this transfer is a loser – not yet – because the counterpart represented by the great Lithuanian can help Sacramento to recover. Especially since on the floor, his new relationship with De’Aaron Fox is top notch. She gives a boost to the leader, thundering on his last 19 performances of the season: 27.9 points and 6.7 assists at… 51% shooting! Extended for 55 million over four years in the summer of 2021, Richaun Holmes is the only one not to take advantage of the situation, pushed into the bottom of the rotation by the profile of Sabonis. He disappears from the radar at the end of the season for “personal problems”. Another who has yet to find his rhythm is DiVincenzo, who arrived from Milwaukee at the trade deadline. Restricted free agent this summer, in case of departure, the little rouquemout will not leave much memory to the Kings Nation. Just like this season, by the way. “Another day at work”.


  • Preview of the Sacramento Kings 2021-22: finally the good year to hang the Playoffs… or record of shame to come?
  • Buddy Hield is now the best shooter in the history of the Kings: the achievement is crazy, not at all heading for the Hall Of Fame
  • Davion Mitchell has passed his entrance exam: three games, padlocks already placed, and a nickname already assumed
  • Harrison Barnes is in the shape of his life: 25 points per game and the Kings winning, the NBA in October is life
  • De’Aaron Fox in the hard: 15% at 3-pointers, 36% in shooting and 63% in throws, since when do the foxes work in the construction industry?
  • Marvin Bagley III did not want to come into play against the Suns: it’s nerd, for once Luke Walton called on him
  • Luke Walton fired by the Kings! Thunderbolt in Sacramento, so it took a guy throwing up on the field to finally get things moving
  • Alvin Gentry believes in the potential of the Kings roster: 11th coach in Sacramento in 16 years, we tell him when?
  • Neemias Queta, the first Portuguese to participate in an NBA match: how you can play the Kings and make history well
  • “I have never been so disappointed in 34 years of coaching”: Alvin Gentry is already full of it, the Kings are a washing machine of coaches
  • Tyrese Haliburton’s trade shook his world: “The team was in shock, devastated, and Tyrese was in tears”
  • The Kings are therefore orphans of Playoffs for SIXTEEN YEARS: quick return to the world of 2006, and it is not really getting any younger
  • Alvin Gentry is no longer the Kings coach: frankly, we just hope he’s okay after six months with the crazy


This image is synonymous with hope. Even playing in Sacramento, it’s possible to make history. On December 17, 2021, Neemias Queta became the first Portuguese player to step onto an NBA floor. So, as incredible as this accomplishment is, it is still a “image of the season” super disappointing. We would have preferred to attach a nice screenshot of the standings, with the Kings in 8th place in the Western Conference, for example. Well, we’ll be satisfied with that because over the season, the guy still sent 3.2 points and 2.2 rebounds on average in 14 games. Yeah, it’s still a “image of the season” super disappointing.


Laugh, laugh, Davion Mitchell is still a top rookie. Here too, we would have preferred that De’Aaron Fox – or the late Tyrese Haliburton – slam a saving season for a franchise in distress (although « perdue » now seems more appropriate). Except that with averages of 11.5 points, 2.2 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 0.7 steals at 42% shooting including 32% parking, Davion Mitchell fully deserves to be considered the nice surprise of the Sac Town side. The first asset of the 23-year-old leader – which does not necessarily read on the match sheets – is undoubtedly this bulldog aggressiveness. A poison assigned to the best exteriors in the League, which still takes a few bubbles, but whose room for improvement is crazy. And on the other side of the floor, @SacFilmRoom offers us a little video on his nice use of a pick-and-roll.


We could have – should, some would say – put in Richaun Holmes, but De’Aaron Fox is the detonator of this team. The role players are still looking for a shoulder to lean on, an example, as Ja Morant can be in Memphis. It’s crazy to think that last October, we considered Fox superior to Morant. It is nothing more. Freed by the arrival of Sabonis, De’Aaron Fox showed his best face at the end of the regular. The face he will have to show for the entirety of the next season. And then maybe – we say maybe – the prophecy will come true. If he is the chosen one.


For the great news, with a final record of 30 wins for 52 losses, the Kings hold the 7th best odds in the upcoming draft. You will first have to go through the lottery on May 17, with a 32% chance of getting a top 4 pick, and a 7.5% chance of hitting the first pick. Double task, Alvin Gentry not retained, management must also appoint a new coach, with Mike Brown – current Warriors assistant – among the favorites.

Long live life, and it’s not that bad to screw up a season. By screwing up sixteen on the other hand, there it becomes annoying. According to the universal typography of journalists, one must write the digits/numbers from one to sixteen in full, but beyond that it will be fine « 17, 18, 19… ». All that to say that the next exercise is that of change.



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