Nintendo Switch Sports, the heir of Wii Sports has arrived on Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch Sportsthe new Nintendo experience and spiritual successor to the beloved Wii Sports, is finally here available from today in both physical and digital format on Nintendo Switch, which we can buy respectively at the price of € 49.99 and € 39.99.

Last update: 2022-04-29 at 11:10

The release of Nintendo Switch Sports was reiterated through a Press release from Nintendo itself, which wants to underline that, after 16 years after the release of the legendary Wii Sports, this heir is finally available on Nintendo Switch! If you don’t remember, Wii Sports was released in 2006 for the Nintendo Wii, breaking the competition and managing to involve both adults and children, so much so that it has managed to sell more than 82 million copies! The exit, then, in 2009 by Wii Sports Resorthas consecrated it as one of the most popular series of the videogame panorama, reaching a total of over 110 million copies!

Are you ready, then, to play online with your friends, to find old sports and new additions, such as Volleyball, Badminton and Soccer?

Fight for victory in Nintendo Switch Sports, a collection of sports for Nintendo Switch that puts you right in the middle of the action! Compete in six sports, including volleyball, soccer, and bowling, and perform real-world moves that will be reproduced in-game.
tennis: Hit the ball by precisely moving the Joy-Con controller at the right moment!
bowling: throw the ball in a straight line or give it a slight effect!
chanbara: Push your opponent off the platform as you attack and defend!
soccer: use a giant ball for dynamic play. He shoots on goal and perform spectacular diving headshots with Joy-Con controllers. By connecting a Joy-Con controller to the leg strap, included with the on-board version of the game (and also available separately), you can play Penalty Mode by simulating real shots!
badminton: I direct your shots left and right without letting the shuttlecock fall to the ground. Use powerful dunks to get you ahead!
volleyball: Use the Joy-Con controller to serve, receive, raise and crush!
play together with friends and family locally or online or challenge other players from all over the world: in addition to personalizing your character with items obtained by playing online, you can have fun in many other ways!



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