Nicolás Avellaneda (SdE) prepares for a decisive game

The Giant of the Mosconi neighborhood held his last training session thinking about the extremely important match against Belgrano de Tucumán, tonight at 10 p.m.

Knowing the importance of this game, those led by Small worked in their stadium in a first stage of strength and coordination. In the second part of the training, they worked on the offenses that the sky-blue team will have to come out the winner of a decisive game facing the end of the regular phase and the chances of advancing to the round.

The importance of the game is due to the fact that Belgrano is above the sky blue with a record of 10 wins and four losses, while Nicolás Avellaneda is fourth with nine and five. If they win, the sky-blue will go third and qualify.

At the end of training, José “Mocho” Small commented the following: “in the last two games we didn’t find our game at the beginning, although we had very good second times that allowed us to get into games again”, he reflected. concentrated from minute zero and being able to play the game we have been doing, although it is costing us, with a significant loss like Martin Balteiro”, he concluded.

Source: Press Nicolás Avellaneda of Santiago del Estero.



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