Ngenes! Gymnastics Athlete Sutjiati Narendra Willing to Leave the US for the sake of RI ends in disappointment


Sutjiati Kelanaritma Narendra is being talked about a lot. The rhythmic gymnast athlete expressed her disappointment at not being sent to the 2021 SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The name Sutjiati Narendra suddenly became a conversation when it was reported that he was not included as an athlete on the list of 31 sports that the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports will depart.

Previously, Sutjiati Narendra had the opportunity to appear on one of the shows podcast Deddy Corbuzier. In the conversation, he admitted that he felt disadvantaged because he did not receive support from the government.

Sutjiati Narendra was born and raised in New York, United States. She is the daughter of a foreign marriage. The mother is known to be a citizen of the United States. While his father has Indonesian blood.

Sutjiati’s interest in rhythmic gymnastics has been established since she was a child. He started the sport at the age of 8 years. But now, his fate as an athlete seems ‘hanged’ after moving to Indonesia.

This was conveyed by Sutjiati in an open letter she wrote to a sports news portal. He also uploaded the letter to the Instagram account @sutji.ritma.

“My name is Sutjiati Narendra, I am 18 years old and a rhythmic gymnast in the Indonesian National Team. I have lived in Indonesia since 2018 and moved from America to Lampung because of Mr. Jokowi’s request that young people who have dual citizenship return to help build the Nation, ” wrote Sutjiati.

Sutjiati then recounted her achievements as an athlete in rhythmic gymnastics in the United States. There, he has attended Olympic training several times a year.

From a young age, Sutjiati has been educated to be a talented young athlete. This is supported by various complete facilities that he got in Uncle Sam’s country.

“We as elite athletes are supported by world-class facilities, access to high-quality equipment, sports doctors, physical therapists, and psychologists by the USA Gymnastics Committee for all athletes,” he said.

Not only that, Sutjiati also had the opportunity to work with judges, coaches, and former Olympic athletes. Sutjiati has also scored a number of achievements during her career in the United States. But he felt aggrieved when he returned home. Read on the next page.

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