NFL: Tom Brady’s last touchdown ball had just been sold for $ 518,000

NFL: Tom Brady’s last touchdown ball had just been sold for $ 518,000

Here is a person who was probably not happy with the return of Tom Brady.

Sunday, ESPN announced earlier this afternoon that the ball from Tom Brady’s last touchdown pass with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the recent playoffs had sold for $518,000 at auction.

The acquisition was made at this price, because at the beginning of February, the 44-year-old quarterback had made it known that he was drawing a line under his career. The 55-yard touchdown pass to Mike Evans in the fourth quarter of the game against the Los Angeles Rams became Brady’s last touchdown pass.

However, the quarterback suddenly took that value away from the item as he announced his return to action next season for the Buccaneers.

In the end, a total of 23 people would have placed a bet for what was to be Brady’s last touchdown pass. Last season, Brady threw 43 touchdown passes with the Bucs. It remains to be seen how many he will add to his counter, he who threw 624 during his career in the regular season.

As an indication, Brady’s first career touchdown pass, then with the New England Patriots, sold for $428,841.

For his part, Jalen Ramsey had been in the front row of Brady’s touchdown pass against the Rams as he tried to cover Mike Evans. The cornerback was therefore delighted with the return of the quarterback so that he would no longer be the last player to have been foiled by Brady and his receiver.


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