Necaxa celebrates the start of the Fair with triumph

This Friday was a special date for all of Aguascalientes, which saw the return of the San Marcos National Fair for the first time in three years. The Rayos, with an anecdotal coincidence, went out on the field to face Atlético de San Luis and gave one of their best matches of the tournament.
The visit had the first arrival with a distant shot by Facundo Waller that caressed the left fork of Malagón’s goal, but the next move put Necaxa ahead. It was at 20 ‘when a corner kick found the head of Miltón Giménez, who barely contacted the ball that was directed at Barovero’s position, the Argentine goalkeeper remembered his times in Aguascalientes and, in a tremendous bear, let it pass the ball.
With the disadvantage, San Luis advanced lines, Berterame gave the first important warning that required a great save by Malagón. At 34 ‘, the tie came with a double shot by Berterame inside the area, equalizing the score. The pleasure did not last long for the visitors, as Necaxa got back on top with a lost ball that ended in Rodrigo Aguirre in three quarters of the field, the Uruguayan went to the area to finish off from the right and score his seventh goal of the tournament. Only three minutes later, a drop from the left allowed Alonso Escoboza to put a precise cross on Miltón’s arrival, who, with a great slap, scored his second of the afternoon, giving the Rayos two ahead.
At the beginning of the second half, Victoria became a branch of the Fair when Rodrigo Aguirre grabbed the ball from three quarters of the field and drove from the right to the center, when he found space, he hit a tremendous left foot that nested in the angle scoring a great goal, the Uruguayan went to celebrate in the stands in a picture that will be remembered for a long time.
It seemed that it would be a simple victory for the Rayos, when, at 76′, Heriberto Jurado was expelled for a rival’s kick to the chest; the youth left the court in tears, being consoled by Rubens Sambueza and Jaime Lozano. With one less, Necaxa backed down and, at 82′, he found himself with a goal against with the second by Berterame after a center by Sambueza, that was all that San Luis generated, who could not close more distances, with which the Rayos They took a valuable 4-2 victory.
These three units allow Necaxa to reach 17 and get fully into the fight for the playoffs, with three rounds to go, which will be very complicated as they have to face rivals such as Tigres, Puebla and Chivas.

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