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Kyrie Irving is causing a stir. The Brooklyn Nets star takes on the Celtics fans, shows them the middle finger.

The Boston Celtics successfully start the first round of the NBA playoffs on Monday night. They beat the Brooklyn Nets 115-114 after a goal with the final siren. The Celtics lead the “best of seven” series with the dramatic opening win.

During the game, Kyrie Irving causes a stir. The Nets point guard repeatedly shows the opposing fans the outstretched middle finger.

After the game, he refuses to make any apologies. On the contrary. Irving lists several swear words that were repeatedly shouted at him from the spectator stands during the match: “As a professional you can only listen to it for a while. We are the ones who should always keep calm? No, look at that… I. It’s the playoffs.”

Irving played for the Celtics from 2017 to 2019. Last year he stepped on the Celtics logo in the playoffs and is no longer in good standing with his former fans.

NBA: Results of the first round of playoffs

Dallas Mavericks – Utah Jazz 93:99
Memphis Grizzlies – Minnesota Timberwolves 117:130
Philadelphia 76ers – Toronto Raptors 131:111
Golden State Warriors – Denver Nuggets 123:107
Miami Heat – Atlanta Hawks 115:91
Boston Celtics – Brooklyn Nets 115:114
Milwaukee Bucks – Chicago Bulls 93:86
Pheonix Suns – New Orleans Pelicans 110:99

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