NBA, Kevin Durant: what a trip to Barkley after the criticisms, the message via social media

From the TNT studios the Hall of famer Charles Barkley often throws harsh criticism of some of the current NBA stars. His latest target was Kevin Durant, attacked after the defeat of his Nets in race-3 with Boston (then the sweep would come in race-4), closed by KD with only 16 points. Sir Charles had referred to him as a “bus driver”explaining that “if you’re not driving the bus, don’t go around saying you’re a champion “. The former Suns had also argued that Durant wasn’t the best Warriors player at the time of the two titles, meaning he only won thanks to Curry and co. Words that clearly didn’t go down to the Nets star, which he has answered controversially through photos posted on social media. The first (see below) portray Barkley con Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler e Scottie Pippen in maglia Rocketsin the last adventure of his career in which failed to fulfill the dream of winning a ring. In two other photos posted by Durant, Barkley is still seen at the beginning of his AI career Sixers together among others a Dr J e Moses Maloneall accompanied by the writing “Where would Charles have been without great companions”. The next episode is awaited …



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