Millonarios vs Equidad 2-1 summary of the match, chronicle and goals in Liga Betplay 2022 | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

At the start of the Matchday 15 of the BetPlay League 2022-I, Millionaires defeated La Equidad 2-1 and partially regained the lead in the championship. In addition sealed his home run qualification five dates in advance.

From the first moment the positions of each side were clear: the locals took possession of the ball and starred in the clearest options, the visit prioritized order and defensive solidity.

Precisely in the face of thick rival resistance, Millos tried his luck after a quarter of an hour with a mid-distance bombardment by Stiven Vega that goalkeeper Washington Ortega evacuated with just enough on the corner kick.

The insurers managed to disconnect Mackalister Silva and Daniel Ruíz at times, but they only cut the game, there was no response with some counterattack or quick transition.

Before the half hour mark the host arrived again, this time with a shot from Jader Valencia on the edge of the area that slipped against Ortega’s right post. Great goal that was ultimately canceled for being out of place. The line raised his flag and the VAR reaffirmed his decision.

And when it seemed that there was no way to get into Equity, a lab play on still ball solved everything. At 38′, Mackalister threw a wall with Ruíz, then he threw it with Larry Vásquez and already inside the area he defined a cross. Sensational goal to give the team peace of mind.

With the goal, Alexis García’s men lost their concentration and lost their greatest virtue: order. Six minutes after the opening of the scoring, Ortega cleared terribly badly and Bleiner David Agrón lost the ball at the start. Mackalister came with the ball dominated to the end line, he threw the “death pass” to Ruíz, but the 20-year-old finished terribly wrong.

Although the second part began with three variants of Alexis to change the idea of ​​his team (entered Kevin Salazar, Pablo Sabbag, Juan Alejandro Mahecha), Millonarios did not take long to widen their lead. This time it was an accurate counterattack.

Álvaro Montero caught an aerial ball and immediately gave it to Silva. He crossed the court at full speed, opened on the left with Ruíz who held on and returned it with a pass into the void. Upon entering the area, the albiazul captain sought to assist one of his teammates, but the ball deflected into Andrés Felipe Correa and ended up “bathing” Ortega.

Insurers responded moments later. Vega made a mistake when clearing, Sabbag recovered and played with Salazar on the left. The Bogotano finished off flush with the grass, but Montero controlled,

At game time, it was the turn of the variants for Alberto Gamero. Jader, Celis and Rosales left the field to make way for Diego Herazo, Eduardo Sosa and Juan Camilo Garcia. With this, Vega joined the band and García took his place. Otherwise, position by position.

The ambassador box continued to arrive at will, the opponent’s resistance was practically nil. At 67′ Ruíz joined Murillo on the left, sent a low cross and Mackalister, almost under the goal, defined softly, but the goalkeeper saved with a sensational volley. Stick to stick save. Shiny.

At the point of walls, played at first intention, the blue disrupted the opposing defense. Excellent handling, but the final kick was missing for moments.

And when it seemed that everything was headed for a win, Equity revived. Correa took a powerful shot from the edge of the area that Montero saved, but the short rebound was capitalized by Sabbag. End of heart attack in El Campín.

The game turned back and forth: the visit looking for a tie by attacking the bands, the locals holding on and trying to settle on a counterattack. In the end there were no more clear opportunities and Millonarios kept the three points. The team from the capital is partial leader of the League with 32 units.


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