Millonarios analysis defeat against Pereira in Liga Betplay 2022 | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Bitter closure of Holy Week for millionaires. The ambassador group had everything served to recover the leadership of the League BetPlay 2022-Ibut the inefficiency against Deportivo Pereira it harmed him.

In FOOTBALL We analyze the weak points of the ambassadorial cadre in the Hernan Ramirez Villegas and the aspects to take into account for the closing of the championship. What is done during the whole semester cannot be thrown away in the most important part of the season.

– Weak level of the forwards: Gamero tried this Sunday with Ricardo Márquez instead of Jader Valencia and the formula did not work out. In the second part, Diego Herazo entered, who lost two clears, and Diego Abadía, who missed a header in front of the goal. Among the four strikers, they add just five goals (three from Herazo, two from Jader) of the 18 that the club has added this season.

– Worrying performance away from home: Millos accumulates three consecutive defeats as a visitor in the League and the loss in Brazil against Fluminense for the Copa Libertadores could be added. He conceded seven goals and scored just two in four duels. It is necessary to adjust in that aspect.

– Defensive solidity falters: of the last five duels, the blue received goals in four. Something that borders on the brilliant start of the tournament when he saw his goal fall just twice out of 11 possible. It may have to do with the recent changes that the defense has had due to injuries or a technical decision. Since days 2-3-4 he has not repeated the same defensive line.

– Stiven Vega has no replacement: The duel against Pereira made it clear that there is no natural replacement for Vega on the Albiazul payroll. The first-line midfielders out there are mixed: Larry Vásquez, Juan Carlos Pereira and Juan Camilo García. The lack of another ‘remover’ is noted.



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