Masters Augusta – Tiger Woods: “I don’t think people really realize where I went”

Masters Augusta – Tiger Woods: “I don’t think people really realize where I went”
There was no miracle, in terms of result. Tiger Woods completed the Masters at +13 (47e), after a last round six shots over par, this Sunday in Augusta. A bad score, especially for him. But while an accident could have cost him his right leg thirteen months ago, Woods is most proud of having finished the competition, won by Scottie Scheffler.

13 months ago, we were wondering if you were ever going to play again. You have just completed your 24th Masters. What do you feel ?

Tiger Woods : “I asked myself the same questions as you… Now it’s an incredible feeling. I couldn’t really give my best, but the support from the public was extraordinary. I don’t don’t think words can truly describe how I feel, given where I was a little over a year ago and what my outlook was then. I’ll be able to come back and do four laps. It’s positive, I still have work to do and I can’t wait to get back to it.

Tiger Woods, on the last day of the Masters, in Augusta, April 10, 2022

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What drives you to wake up every morning despite the pain, to surpass yourself and never get discouraged?

T. W. : There are days when I don’t feel like doing anything. I’m in pain, but I have a great team around me that motivates me and helps me. These are the days that are difficult. The others where I feel good are the easy days, but there are fewer. I just have to get out of it and, like in golf, to get better, you have to go out there and put in the time. The hardest part is the recovery sessions. Jump into these ice baths several times a day. It’s painful, but it works.”

It’s one thing to play with my son in a golf tournament, but it’s another thing to play in a Major.

Why did you want to return to the Masters?

T. W. : “This tournament has always meant a lot to me and my family. The year I was born (1975, editor’s note) was when Lee Elder became the first black person to participate and he was there when I won for the first time in 1997. Twenty-five years later, here I am again playing. obviously at heart, because it’s the cradle of golf and I was able to win two British Opens there. But it’s here that all the great champions have played.”

When you think back to all the efforts made to play again, what does that inspire you?

T. W. : I don’t think people really realize where I’ve been. People close to me know this. Some players have seen photos that show what I had to endure and probably appreciate my performance better because they know what it takes to be competitive here. It’s one thing to play with my son in a golf tournament, but it’s another thing to play at a Major. It’s been a tough road, but I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to walk it, grateful to have been able to play. I don’t have the stamina I wish I had yet, but a few weeks ago I wasn’t even sure if I was going to do this event. I am very excited about the prospects for the future.

Do you consider yourself to have achieved one of the greatest feats of your career?

TW: Except for the wins, yes, definitely. It was exciting to hear the roars in the crowd again, all the excitement this tournament brings.”

Statements taken at a press conference

Tiger Woods and his son, Charlie, in action on December 18 in Florida

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