Liverpool’s master stroke –

Jurgen Klopp, hasta 2028. That is the goal of the Liverpool board, which has initiated the first contacts with the German coach to renew his contract for at least four more years. So, Michael Gordon, the president of Fenway, which is the company that owns the red club, was present at Anfield, in the 2-0 victory against Villarreal and coincided with Marc Kosicke, Klopp’s representative.

As reported by the English media, the development of the talks has been positive at the moment. Klopp’s current contract links him to Liverpool until 2024 and brings him around 10 million pounds, at an exchange rate of 12 million euros net per year. Conditions that would ostensibly improve with the new agreement, although money is not the main stumbling block in the negotiations.

Klopp has always ensured that he will only sign new contracts to finish them and is unwilling to commit if he lacks the energy or motivation to keep going. But, despite Liverpool’s demanding schedule, which seeks to lift four titles before the summer (Champions, Premier, FA Cup and Carabao Cup), the Reds coach is revitalized, according to the same information.

Klopp signed his last deal with Liverpool in 2019, three years before his previous deal expired, and despite the fact that there are now fewer months left for his contract to expire, Liverpool have sown optimism: The coach is open to the possibility of staying and Michael Gordon has formally started the negotiation process.

The delay in extending the German’s contract is partially explained by the impact of the pandemic and confinement, which has slowed down all the operations of the English team. However, the negotiations continue. This is also important for the coaching staff that reports to Klopp, who feel responsible and will thoroughly consider any decision.



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