Litigation for the rent, hits the landlord with a baseball bat: 20 year old denounced

STOP – One brawl for the rent, continued with blows and finished thanks to the providential intervention of a police car. A patrol from the Police Headquarters rushed to Stopped, for an assault on the street by a 20-year-old against a middle-aged man. Arriving at the scene, the agents identified the young man with one baseball bat in hand. The spirits were still very heated between the two litigants and it took some time for the patrol first to calm the contenders, then to reconstruct the dynamics of the incident. Of course, all of a sudden the youngest went to the car and pulled out a baseball bat from the trunk and hit the fifty-year-old, at least once, behind him. At that point the SOS was triggered at the police station and within a few minutes the steering wheel arrived to avoid a dangerous drift. The twenty-year-old was accompanied to the Police Headquarters and reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the unjustified port of the object capable of offending and for aggravated personal injury.



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