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Frutti Extra Bursaspor made its way to the semi-finals by pushing Cedevita out of the Eurocup, this time in front of 12,500 spectators in Ljubljana, with great effort as a team, scraping it with her teeth and nails, just like in Partizan’s away game a week ago.

After the Partizan match, I left coach Dusan Alimpijevic for the last time and drew attention to the level he brought the team with the great team chemistry he created. This time, I will start with Alimpijevic… First of all, it is a really important virtue to bring together so many characters and create a great chemistry from them… The self-confidence he instills in his players and the trust he has in Metin and Ömer, especially Onuralp, pleases me… but Onuralp plays at another level… His father, a beautiful person like him (Mustafa Kemal Bitim) was also a good player… But Onuralp is a very, very much needed player right now “Versatile short player” your need “net” now it’s the equivalent of… Speaking of character, Needham should also open a separate parenthesis… After Bobby Dixon, he became the showcase of Turkish basketball. “Biggest Hearted” He is at the head of the guards… Again, in the toughest moments yesterday, when Andrews was worn out with the pressure on him, Needham combined his burden with his own and shouldered him… Dudzinski, Hayes are two names who put their mind on the field as well as their physique… Aww, John Holland is a complete joke. “Extra Bonus” For Frutti Extra Bursaspor… The 34-year-old experienced striker is living the most glorious days of his European career under the Green-White jersey… If you say defense, he has his signature under all the dirty work; He’s almost scavenged, carrying his team… Again in the offense, he sends the scorching balls to the hoop without blinking… He had a very, very important share in the victory of Bursaspor in the Partizan match, as well as yesterday… Alimpijevic, who had perfect chemistry with all these names and prepared his team meticulously for every match,’ so many congratulations…

This season, it looks like a team beyond European standards in terms of tempo, and is perhaps Europe’s best in attacking the opponent’s basket with a defensive rebound. “quickest” to Cedevita, who gained the status of a team and thus (when she could dictate this to her opponents) who had no trouble exceeding the 100s. except for the third quarter they did not allow to do this. 11 offensive rebounds, along with the determination to leave no room for the opponent and “closing each other’s gaps by acting together” on the subject “Sacrifice and Consciousness” It was the most important details that opened the door to the semi-finals for the Green-Whites. As the squad structure for Frutti Extra Bursaspor “The best team of the tournament” maybe you can’t say… But right now it’s clear “The most motivated, conscious and faithful of Eurocup right now” their team…

Eliminating the championship candidate in front of 20,000 spectators, and then Cedevita against 12,500 spectators in two difficult away matches, of course, according to an organization with a budget of 2 million dollars. “Beyond Miracle” an event… And for those of us who watch it with pleasure, “dream” almost… Now there is Andorra displacement… Please don’t let this dream end…



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