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Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE).- “I have a headache all over my body”… Yogi Berra.


** Bryce Harper (Phillies) will remain on the disabled list for another week or two with right elbow soreness. He has thrown lightly, a few balls, but under medical observation… ** After the operation on the right shoulder, pitcher Jacob DeGrom (Mets) has been put on an exercise program, which will last for three weeks, when the doctors have to examine him to see how long he should go without throwing balls… ** The Yankees accused of stealing signs with technological help. I think it’s time to legalize password theft, even with all the possible help of videos and attachments. The thing would then be to know which teams would install the best devices. And I wonder, would that really harm the game? …

** The Hall of Fame system was modified to elect veterans, that is, managers, umpires, executives, as well as players retired for at least 16 years. Now the Contemporary Baseball Era, will consist from 1980 to the present; while the Classic Baseball Era, it will be the period before 1980, even the Negro Leagues and also before the Negro Leagues…


Baseball is losing its essence with the exaggerated use of state-of-the-art statistics. The instinct of a player to create situations is no longer taken into account”… Iván Rodríguez.-oooo** Two Spanish-speaking players who play in Japan, who ask me not to publish their names, say that in a restaurant there they ate human meat . They say that this is fashionable, so there are numerous places where they serve it. What surprises them is that none of those restaurants have the name “Los Caníbales”…

** Yankees manager Aaron Boone has been elated since his first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, hit all three home runs in one game. It was against the Orioles, they won 12-8, and the day before yesterday they were in first place in the Division, with a record of 12-6. Boone commented…: “We’re like the 1927 Yankees. I don’t know who the Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig are these days, but we are powerful at bat.” Rizzo, 32, is signed with the Yankees for this season and the next, for 16 million dollars, he has hit eight home runs, and is the leader of both Leagues…


“I bet on my team, that they won every day. I loved my team and believed in my team. I did everything in my power to win the games”… Pete Rose.

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