Lee Chong Wei was offered to be a coach at BAM but was prevented by Malaysian legend Rival Liem Swie King, this is the reason

HALOYOUTH – Former coach Lee Chong Wei and Malaysian badminton legend of Liem Swie King’s generation, Misbun Sidek, supported the ambition of the three -time Olympic silver medalist to plunge into the world of coaching.

Despite supporting Lee Chong Wei as badminton coach, Masbun Sidek prevented him from accepting any offers in Malaysia.

Misbun believes Chong Wei should go abroad and train in several countries first to prove himself before seeing coaching in those countries.

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Former world number 1 Chong Wei has revealed that he has received coaching offers from several Asian countries.

Currently, Lee Chong Wei revealed that he was discussing with several countries in Asia such as Singapore, China and Taiwan.

Only a handful of former greats have repeated the same success as a coach, with the exception of China’s Li Yongbo and South Korea’s Park Joo Bong, and Chong Wei will be eyeing an exclusive club.

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Misbun was quick to point out that Chong Wei, despite having all the experience gleaned from his illustrious playing career, should build his trust gradually.



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