Latvians build a million rally car / Day

Brothers Velmes millions of gas stations known from Youtube video where they are disturbing at a tremendous rate San Marino Rally Legend track bends with classic racing Audi Quattro. The division of the steering wheel is not a problem for Andris and Ivars – the older brother Andris has realized in the sprint and minirally that the younger is driving much better and no one else will drive faster. The Velme brothers have known the motorsport kitchen since childhood, Ivars has graduated from Riga Technical College as a car mechanic and has already built a rally rig during school. Andris, on the other hand, provides finances by selling the built cars at a higher price.

The brothers are building their cars from scratch and will soon have fulfilled their childhood dream – to build Audi Quattro S1E2, which at one time was produced in only 20 copies of street cars. The price of such a street car starts from 400,000 euros. In order to get to his vehicle without a huge investment, Ivars attached to this task like a book. He did most of the work himself, with a friend and Google assistance.

Combined in the legendary vehicle Audi 80 and Audi Coupe Quattro, rebuilt beyond recognition – it is shorter and wider than a standard car, with a cooling system in the boot. This model is recognizable by its wings and the huge spoiler for stability. Velmju Audi built for driving – it will be able to reach 600 horsepower and will be accompanied by an authentic 1991 Audi bus. Your new Audi Ivars and Andris plan to show the legend of San Marino in the rally, and they are already waiting for them in other races in Europe.

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