Kompany also responded to Marc Coucke: “Everyone can have an opinion… I’ve always been consistent” – Voetbalnieuws

Marc Coucke reacted very disappointed on Instagram after the game against Union. His response of “How to kill an entire season in one week” was eagerly picked up. It was also presented to his trainer.

Kompany just shrugged. “At some point, everyone can have an opinion. That’s their opinion. I’ve always been consistent in what I’ve said,” said Kompany. “When I said at the beginning of this season that it would be a wait for automatisms, I have been consistent in that. I have also always said that the result, viewed very objectively, is in line with the means.”

“Ajax in the Netherlands, City in England, Bayern in Germany, Celtic in Scotland… I could go on like this for a while. The richest club usually has the most success. If you want to do something well and you want quality it’s either very expensive or you have to be very patient. We have opted for value creation. And I remain calm about that. Everyone is now focusing on the fairytale story of Union. Last season the question was about Ostend. We have a newly composed group. That takes its time .”



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