Kociubinski dressed as a hero and nailed a great goal from a free kick for Estudiantes to tie 2-2

Students tied 2-2 against Colón de Santa Fe in the opening of Date 12 of the Professional League Cup and became the first classified for the quarterfinals. Bautista Kociubinski scored the tie in stoppage time with a great goal from a free kick. Bernardi and Pulga Rodríguez converted for Sabalero, while Morel had put the partial tie in the PT.

The same team with all substitutes that had made mistakes that led to Colón’s goals, found in his character and attitude until the end a prize that the collective memory pricks will not easily forget.

After a night with ups and downs, opaque individual performances (mainly Deossa and Toledo) and others that were exciting (such as those of Kociubinski and Ezequiel Ramírez), Estudiantes achieved everything they set out to do. Rested those who are always starters, gave shooting to the substitutes, sealed the classification to the decisive stage of the tournament.

Students had not yet settled in the field when Colón took advantage of his success in high pressure to check in very early. Pourtau, the captain arranged in a totally different team than usual, cleared a very strong shot from El Pulga towards the center and Bernardi, arriving without a mark, converted without problems.

Having a hard time becoming strong in the midfield, the other León del Ruso appealed to the dynamics of his youngsters without entertaining himself with the ball, but, as was presumed to happen, nothing was easy for him. The host, ahead so early, played without rushing, sensing that scoring opportunities would come naturally.

It was in a corner kick where Estudiantes won twice in the Colón area and obtained his prize by enjoying one of his historic attributes. Morel ran into the ball and, firming up his body, made it bounce off him and then go in.

Equality meant a bottle of vitamins for Pincha’s spirit, who began to feel more confident in the challenge of taking on such a test before the regular sabaleros.

After thirty minutes, and beyond a dangerous but deflected shot by Pulga Rodríguez from inside the area, Colón lived with the pressure transmitted to him by his fans, who demanded that he resolve the dispute as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Estudiantes matched the actions based on a commendable physical display.

When he began to feel pressure from his people to settle the lawsuit and Estudiantes had grown in motivation and energy to score in all sectors, a mistaken start from the bottom of the Uruguayan Beltrán led to a pass to Pulga Rodríguez who, with his well-known class, finished off by placing the ball far from Pourtau’s stretch. Later, Colón had another clear arrival with Farías, but the first half left the Russian annoyed by the way in which Estudiantes, with their faults, caused the homeowner to scream.

The complement began with less attractions than the initial chapter and Colón felt the negative impact of having lost Flea after four minutes due to injury. Meanwhile, Zielinski, at fifteen, brought in Franco Zapiola and Spetale for the expressionless Deossa and Toledo. The idea was to give him an injection of skill and greater conviction to go in search of the tie.

Led by Zapiola, Estudiantes went forward decisively, although knowing that none of their three lethal strikers were in the area. Without any starter on the court, it was possible that he would end up condemned for his mistakes and obvious shortcomings. The good intentions of Ezequiel Ramírez (moving and facing) were noted in the last quarter of an hour.

With some more fright caused by the dangerousness of Wanchope Ábila, the match, of low technical relief, ended with a predictable result. The pointer in the area continues to be Students and their aspirations continue to enjoy good health.

When it seemed that the defensive errors of the first half were going to condemn them to a defeat, Estudiantes never lowered their arms and ended up achieving a very deserving equality with all substitutes in the stadium historically called “the cemetery of the elephants”.

Bautista Kociubinskione of the credits of the albirrojo hotbed, with a superb free kick he sealed the final 2-2 that represents even more pride and motivation for the team that is going through an impressive present. Without any of the usual headlines, the “other” León del Ruso returns to our city with a point of enormous emotional significance. The substitutes, beyond punctual defensive errors, banked an extremely demanding test and were recognized by the fans in many positive comments that dominated the minutes after such a tie.


Columbus: Leonardo Burian; Eric Meza, Facundo Garcés, Rafael Delgado and Joaquín Novillo; Rodrigo Aliendro, Federico Lértora and Christian Bernardi; Luis Miguel Rodriguez; Facundo Farias and Lucas Beltran. DT: Julio Cesar Falcioni.

Students: Jerónimo Pourtau; Emanuel Beltrán, Bautista Kociubinski, Santiago Núñez and Bruno Valdez; Nelson Deossa and Jorge Morel; Hernán Toledo, Alan Marinelli and Carlo Lattanzio; Brian Orosco. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Goals in the first half: 4m, Bernardi (C); 23m, Morel (F); and 40m, Rodriguez (C).

Goal in the second half: 53m, Kociubinski.

Substitutions in the second half: 4m, Santiago Pierotti for L. Rodríguez (C); 14m, Franco Zapiola for Deossa; and Aaron Spetale for Toledo (E); 23m, Ramón Ábila for Bernardi; and Tomás Moschión for Aliendro (C); 28m, Ricardo Ramírez by Marinelli (E); 38m, Nicolás Fernández for Nuñez; and Gonzalo Piñeiro for Valdez (E); 48m, Paolo Goltz for Farías; and Brian Farioli for Beltran (C).

Admonished: Lértora and Farías (C). Morel and Lattanzio (E).

Referee: Nestor Pitana.

Stadium: Brigadier General Estanislao López (Colón).




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