Judo Rehabilitation Master or Acupuncture and Moxibustion Co., Ltd. –Hello Work Jobs and Employment Information in Hachirogata Town, Minamiakita District, Akita Prefecture (No. 05010-06230421)

Jobs for “Judo Rehabilitation Master or Acupuncture Master-Hatch Co., Ltd.” are recruited by Hello Work. (Job Acceptance Stabilization Office: Hello Work Akita)

The application procedure can be done from Hello Work nationwide.
The deadline for referrals is May 31, 2022, and the number of applicants is one... Recruitment may end before the publication deadline depending on the hiring situation, so if you want to work for this company, we recommend that you apply early.

■ Those who have never applied for a job at Hello Work

If you have never applied for a job at Hello Work, you need to follow steps 1 to 3 below. If you have completed the job application procedure, please proceed to 3.

1. Register for a job seeker My Page account on the Hello Work Internet service

If you have not applied for a job at Hello Work, please use the Hello Work Internet service before applying.[マイページを開設して求職申込み]Please register for a job seeker My Page account from the button.

2. Enter the job seeker information and open the job seeker’s My Page

Within 14 days after opening an account on My Page, enter basic information (address, etc.), desired work content, desired work location and working hours, wages, career, self-promotion, and other job-seeking information on the Hello Work Internet service. You need to complete the registration.

■ Those who have completed the job application procedure

3. Give the job number to the Hello Work staff

Go to your nearest Hello Work office or contact us by phone andPlease tell the job number (05010-06230421) of this job to the Hello Work counselor... After contacting the company that is issuing this job from Hello Work, you will be asked to issue a letter of introduction and the application will be completed.

* Please follow the instructions of the Hello Work staff or the company staff for the selection procedure after issuing the letter of introduction.

* A letter of introduction may be required when receiving a reemployment allowance or employment allowance.

* Jobs that can be voluntarily applied online can also be applied from the job seeker My Page of the Hello Work Internet service. Please apply according to the precautions of Hello Work.

Recruitment acceptance Hello Work contact information

Hello Work Akita
Phone number: 018-864-4111
* Other applications can be made at Hello Work nationwide.


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