Jordi Cruyff calls for a “modernization” of Barça’s squad

jordi cruyff calls for “modernizing and balancing Barça’s staff”. And the club, according to a member of the technical secretariat, has a plan to strengthen the team. But a plan with several open paths subject everything to “what can be done and pending ‘fair play'”, as happened in the January window. An idea to revive a team that has suffered three consecutive defeats (Eintracht, Cádiz and Rayo), which have taken it away from any possible title aspiration. An idea to end so many blank years.

A plan to modernize a staff that has been unbalanced over time (there is no natural relief or for Jordi Alba nor for Busquets) in which the four winter signings (Alves, Ferran Torres, Aubameyang i Adama) have allowed the scalar team from ninth place to second in the league. Although they have been unable to give Barça competitive strength to win titles. Neither the Spanish Super Cup, nor the Copa del Rey, nor the Europa League, nor, of course, the League.

Football has changed, as has the needs of the team,” said Jordi Cruyff at the inauguration of a Cruyff Court in the Plaza de la Generalitat de Constantí (Tarragona). “We have a plan A, a plan B, a plan C … It depends on how we can go to the market and when we have more clarity on fair play, what is possible? And what not? ”He remarked.

A roadmap already started in the winter and which should be fully executed this summer, lined up, he said Jordi Cruyff, with the idea expressed by Xavi, the technician, and Matthew German, the Barça football director. They all agree on the need to have “more balance” in the workforce. And in all its lines.

“For a crack to work, there are others who let it work well, that’s the balance,” said Jordi, who should be the new Barça technical secretary at the end of this season, a position that has been vacant since the waiver of Ramon Planes.

He didn’t want to talk about names. We are from Haaland, unattainable for the anguished economy culer, ni de Lewandowski, more accessible although he has one year left on his contract with Bayern Munich. “I did not rule anyone out. All you do is annoy the clubs where they play. I’m more worried about the squad “, said Jordi Cruyff, who when asked about the future of the Polish striker recalled that” we are the last to say, but dreaming is free “.

It all depends on the will of Bayern, who is looking for a replacement for Lewandowski (34). Jordi also did not want to be very specific about the future of Frenkie de Jong, angry with the change of Xavi in ​​the duel against Rayo and one of the players with the most market in European football: Paris SG, Bayern Munich and Manchester City are attentive. The same clubs that wanted to sign him almost three years ago when the Dutchman chose to come to the Camp Nou.

“I said that in the face of the criticism he received that he is a highly valued player in the club and in the world of football, and you know that too,” he explained to the Barça executive.

A profound revolution

But Jordi’s message went far beyond names. It was a philosophical message, conditioned, at all times, by the straits that shake the club, which does not even have the ‘fair play’ salary to enroll new players. So far, he has hired two. And both at zero cost: Danish midfielder Christensen (Chelsea) and Ivorian midfielder Kessié (Milan).

But it is little. The magnitude of Barça’s revolution is even wider. “Football is changing. There are some concepts that need to be changed, ”said the executive to strengthen this idea of ​​modernity. Barça is old. It does not compete in Europe. Not even in Spain. A Copa del Rey in the last three years reveals that it has become obsolete. Not with Messi. Not without Messi.

“We need to be open to these changes. What does not advance is left behind. We’ve had a big streak, not so much now, “he said, adding that” we shouldn’t just stay where we were a month ago but where we were in November and December. ”


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