Joan Laporta embarrassed by more visiting fans at Camp Nou | UEFA Europa League

The night of Thursday April 14 will be forgotten for the Catalans. A day that they will want to forget about their history because of that slip against Eintracht Frankfurt. The presidency described it as outrageous and shameful for the whiter than Blaugrana shirts that surrounded the Camp Nou Stadium. As if that were not enough, the Germans showed their power and surpassed the series with a 2-3 in the 90′ ​​and a 3-4 on aggregate.

A complete change of plans at the Camp Nou in Barcelona in perhaps the most important match of this season. The Catalans were playing their pass to the semifinals of the Europa League, and by losing at home, they resigned the chances of fighting for a title in the year. Well, although they still have LaLiga, they already see it far away due to the advantage that Real Madrid has.

The Camp Nou did not wear Blaugrana, but was instead painted white by Eintracht Frankfurt fans. Joan Laporta announced measures on Barça TV, ‘it has been a shame that cannot be repeated. We have information about what happened. It is outrageous and embarrassing. What we cannot avoid are certain situations, but they have been allowed for many years and from now on, we will have to be stricter’.

Regarding those measures that Joan Laporta mentioned, the president commented, ‘let me not specify because we are collecting information with the ticketing and security departments. Obviously, when we process this information we will take steps and explain them. Everything indicates that undesirable situations have occurred’.

Finally, he remained embarrassed by this situation in the Europa League, ‘as a culé I feel ashamed of what I’ve seen. I had seen many fans from the other team and I am very sorry for what has happened. Today I felt ashamed. It has happened to all of us, this is not the usual. It is a situation that should not have occurred and due to certain circumstances we have studied it. We will take action and it will never happen again. We will explain them because it has been very serious.


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