Jesús Aguilar signs the juiciest contract of his career

After confirming that he would go to the salary arbitration hearing, Jesús Aguilar and the Miami Marlins reached an agreement for $7.3 million and one more season.

Both parties signed the contract before the start of the 2022 campaign and thus avoid going through that process that often breaks the relationship between the teams and the player.

The Marlins and the Venezuelan have already had problems in the past due to salary disagreements. In 2020, the infielder triumphed over the Miami squad in an arbitration case in which he claimed 250,000 extras for his contract.

Aguilar will be one of the most important figures in the fish clubhouse along with Miguel Rojas, team captain.

In 2021 he was a key figure in Miami’s offense, finishing the season as the leader in home runs (22) and RBIs with 93.

This is how Jesús Aguilar’s salary has evolved in recent years, according to Baseball Reference:

  • 2017: $536.000
  • 2018: $557.200
  • 2019: $637.500
  • 2020: $2.575.000
  • 2021: $4.300.000
  • 2022: $7.500.000

Aguilar probably in 2022 will have a performance with different roles. The manager of the Marlins, Don Mattinglylined him up as a designated hitter in spring games.



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