James Rdríguez: Miguel Russo, former Millionaires, would direct the Colombian | Colombians Abroad

There are novelties in the novel that is already the future of James Rodríguez. The curious thing is that he could not be written in Europe, where many would like to see him recover his competitive level, but in another exotic destination.

For now, as usual in his case, everything is part of the speculation. The first has to do with the player’s alleged decision to interrupt his contract with Qatar’s Al Rayyan, who still has two years left, and his request to the club and his agent, Jorge Mendes, to allow him to leave in this same summer market. , which opens in a couple of months.

The second wave of rumors speaks of a possible destination, which would not be in Europe but in Saudi Arabia. Judging by social media posts, the left-hander could land at Al Nassr, one of the top three teams in that exotic league.

The novelty, which would be a good sign, is that there is a contact with Colombia, since the current coach is Miguel Ángel Russo, who was champion with Millonarios in 2017 and knows perfectly the style of play of the creative.

The speculations start from a tweet from the Saudi Meshal Alsefai, who left a message on his account hinting at a possible landing on the 10th: “It was an honor and a pleasure to see each other today, my best wishes until we meet again,” he wrote.

James was recently in Saudi Arabia with Al-Rayyan, as the participating teams in the Champions League were there. However, due to physical problems he was unable to participate in any games.

Today the player is injured, as confirmed by his Qatari club, and will be out for several more days. A recent photograph with the artist Juanes suggests that he is not in Doha but in some other place that has not been confirmed. Some confirmation is expected amid so many rumors.


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