“It’s a strange championship, look at Salernitana …”

Ivan Ramiro Cordoba, a member of the board of Venezia, spoke to Sky Sport on the situation in the lagoon home the day after the exemption: “It’s a strange championship, look at Salernitana, who with great merit managed to score the points that he did and is now up for discussion again. Genoa too has recently started to make results that keep it alive. Until mathematics condemns us we have to fight with all our strength, until Sampdoria we are all at stake, there are still several direct clashes “. On the fact that the January transfer market may have broken something within the group even if Cordoba is not part of the choices: “He can stay there and center, I don’t shy away from the responsibilities, which belong to all of us who may not have given the coach the possibility of expressing his philosophy in the best possible way. We are all responsible, but in this situation, when you get to all these bad results you have to try to shake up the team. Unfortunately this is the decision, we expect a response from the players, the responsibility does not lie with the coach alone, we are all responsible. First of all the players and I, who have been for a long time, I know well, the coach can decide one thing, but then it is the players on the pitch who operate. We don’t have a very experienced team, this can only be acquired over time. For the first months the boys played without the pressure of the result and perhaps that allowed them to express themselves freely, then afterwards it is not easy to resume the responsibility of the players and what has been triggered, but it is important that they know that as a club we will support them, with but some answers from them after the trust we gave them “.



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