It would have Catalan roots to lift the Champions League

Barcelona“In futsal, in an even match, the small details are decided by the goalkeepers”, explained Jesús Velasco, Barça’s coach, just before flying to Latvia, where they will play the match. final four of the Champions. Barça arrive with Ferrao and Pito, the two most decisive players, just in time for the match, but they will face the Catalan resistance under sticks to defeat Benfica in the semifinals this Friday (8pm, Esport3, Barça TV and Gol). While in this sport the goalkeepers are key players, Dídac Plana and Miquel Feixas will have to be decisive in the fight for the fourth Champions. In the other semifinal, the French ACCS and Sporting Club de Portugal, the reigning champions, will fight for the other place in the final.

A month ago the team won the Cup in Jaén, but injuries in recent weeks have left them against the ropes. Ferrao, chosen best player in the world for the last three years, and Pito, the MVP of the Cup, have entered the call despite not being 100%. “The handicap is that they are both pivots. The boys from the branch have been helping us, but we have missed a goal. We are surviving as best we can,” explained captain Sergio Lozano. On the other hand, Matheus, one of the few left-wingers in the squad, has been training alone and is in a phase of the most backward recovery with respect to Ferrao and Pito. “If there’s one time to take risks, it’s this week. Experienced players need less training time to be ready,” said Velasco.

The Catalan resistance under sticks

This is Velasco’s first season as Barça coach and after winning the Cup and the Super Cup, he has renewed until 2024. One of the main changes regarding the stage of Andreu Plaza, the previous coach, is the role of the goalkeepers. in the construction of the game. Both Didac and Feixas join the attack on time. “It’s a one-time resource that we’ve been evolving. We’re taking a lot of advantage of it,” explains Dídac. Arenys de Mar will play its second final four, but his path has not been easy. Despite training in the lower categories of Barça, he made transfers to Guadalajara, Zaragoza, Santa Coloma and Jaén. Feixas also had to pass through the city of Colomenca before settling in the Palau Blaugrana. “I try to show my teammates that they can trust me,” said the substitute goalkeeper. Velasco’s approach, however, keeps him alert at all times of the match. He often makes him play to try to stop decisive penalties. “It requires you to be focused at all times.”

Although Barça have won the Spanish Cup six times in the youth category six times in the last decade, very few players have continued in the first team. Bernat Povill broke the glass ceiling that separated the two worlds. He arrived at Barça as a youngster and is the only footballer to make the direct jump from the youth team to the Palau. In addition, in the last parties it has marked important goals. “Many players who could be here have passed through the branch. It’s up to me to be the first and I like to think that this can serve as an example for the base: with work and sacrifice you can get there,” he said. Povill.

On the other side of the table, Sporting Clube will face ACCS. The Parisians formed a checkbook project, signing Ricardinho, one of the best players in history; coach Jesús Velasco and Carlos Ortiz, both of whom are now at Barça. The French committee sanctioned them with an administrative relegation last year, despite winning the league, for serious financial difficulties. Many players left the club, but the expulsion from the competition of the Russian Tyumen has led to the French Second Division as a whole. final four. Sporting, on the other hand, arrive in Riga as favorites: they have the backbone of the Portuguese team, champions of the last editions of the World Cup and the European Championship. In addition, they defeated Barça in the last Champions League final. In Latvia, where Barça will be accompanied by around 70 fans, Barça will have to take care of the “little details” to dream of the fourth Champions League.



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