Icheon Sports Association for the Disabled, Delivered Wheelchairs for Disabled Athletes: Gyeonggi IN (Only One Way to Jeongron)

Icheon City Sports Association for the Disabled delivered wheelchairs for disabled athletes

[경기IN=오효석 기자] On the 1st, the Icheon City Disabled Sports Association delivered a wheelchair for disabled players (worth 7 million won) to the Icheon Disabled Badminton Association.

As part of the national participatory budgeting project, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism conducted a nationwide competition to supply wheelchairs for sports.

The selected wheelchair is for badminton players, and the purchase price is high, making it difficult for disabled players to purchase with their own money.

Therefore, the Icheon City Paralympic Sports Association is continuously working hard to provide benefits to athletes in each sport by receiving active support from the central government as well as the central government’s public contest for the dissemination of wheelchairs for athletes.

An official from Icheon City said, “We will spare no effort to create an environment where disabled athletes who overcome obstacles and are proudly active as sports players can exercise without burdening with equipment.”


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