“I gained about 111 kilograms, I was in severe depression,” Vémola described the period without sports

It’s no secret that Carlos Vémola doesn’t take too much on the advice of doctors. The ordered rest regime often bypassed, although he let his injured hand rest, but he put even more strain on the other parties in the gym. However, even doctors forbade him to allow the body to fully concentrate on convalescence.

“It was the second time in my life that I had such a serious injury that I had to turn it off completely.” he said in an interview with Startitup. And at that moment there was a very difficult period, because he was not allowed to do anything at all for almost three months. “I gained about 111 kilograms, I was in severe depression,” he confided, explaining that he was not in the mood for anything at the time. When he goes home after training, he looks forward to relaxing with the children, he also likes to take care of the animals. But then the zest for life left him.

But it’s gone. The hand handles the increased load, which Vémola obviously uses. “I should have a looser Saturday, but I took one extra workout.” The pace of training is starting to increase mainly due to the surprisingly fast return to the cage, which will take place two weeks after the match with Marp. “I added wrestling and jiu-jitsu. I’m going with the Yakuza, after all there was a year break, I need to include it, “ he explained with reference to Eldar Rafigaev, who is perceived in our country as an expert in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It was with him that Carlos used to hone his favorite techniques.

While Carlos is like a fish in water on earth, he is no longer so convincing. It doesn’t make much sense for many to go to the ring, so there is no shortage of different jokes. But Vémol doesn’t care. “It’s important that I get paid for it. They can make fun of each other, but it is the biggest money fight that has been in Czechoslovakia. Attila and I did the biggest fight, I think the pay will be three times higher than what we got with Attila, if not more. I don’t know exactly what Attila got, but when I calculate my paycheck with Marp, it’s historically the best paid match in Czechoslovakia. “ Carlos added that he sees the boxing duel as a challenge and especially an opportunity to make significant progress. “I think it will move me to MMA then… In wrestling I can take most people to kindergarten here, I will still have that attitude, the more dangerous I will be. By the end of my career, I will improve by a degree. ”

However, he does not consider himself a skilled boxer. “I will never be Muhammad Ali, I will be such a bad Tyson, keep moving forward and just grab it at all costs. I have the advantage of having a terribly hard head, in 30 years no one but Attila has knocked me out. It happened once, that’s why it’s called the Struggle of the Century, such a coincidence happens once in a hundred years (laughs). “ So Carlos bets that he can handle a lot, he believes that he will win over Marp due to his stubbornness. But he appreciates the rapper for choosing tough opponents.

“I like to drive away, I want to catch up on everything I lost. I’m happy in action, when I have a break after the match, I’ll overeat, gain weight, why? I’ll keep walking, I’ll dig, I’ll make money. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? After a year and a half, when I was depressed about having to stop wrestling, suddenly I would be boxing for the first time, I would have my first KO, then I would present myself at the premiere in Octagon, Germany, which will be a huge thing… And then I will wrestle on Štvanice, where I hope a big match will take place, “ outlined his plans for the coming months.

A really busy calendar, just the truth. However, it seems that Samuel Krištofič is no longer involved in the program, even though he originally planned a return match with him. Vémola has another opponent in search, namely Rafael Xavier. In addition, “Kratos” recently agreed to the match on Instagram, maybe the promoters have already arranged everything and only the official announcement is awaited. “It is my wish and dream for Ondra to give me this. The pirate will wait. “ he said, adding that he would enter the cage with him when he made a few wins. Vémola fears that if he defeats Krištofič now, he will not make any big impression on the fans. On the contrary, he is planning a big show with “Kratos”, in addition he would like to fight for the title of semi-heavyweight, because he is convinced that he is entitled to it. “I’ve lost once in the last seven years, so no one can tell me I don’t deserve it.”

However, one belt is not enough for the “Terminator”, ideally he would like to win the middleweight title this year, which he and Patrik Kincl would like to fight for at the O2 arena at the end of the year. “This year may be my last chance to grab both titles.” So far, it seems that the fans of the Czech “Terminator” will get their money this year.



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