Huracán’s goal disallowed by the goalkeeper’s hand and 2-1 for Barracas

One of those situations that can only be imagined in the VAR era, with a lot of tension, a disallowed goal and an expelled coach, in this case Frank Kudelka hurricane. The anger exploded in all the quemeros, although Judge Darío Herrera did justice and the favored one was Barracas Central.

What happened? Hurricane began an attack with a serve with the hand of goalkeeper Marcos Díaz. The play went very quickly to the head of Cóccaro, who scored what at that time was 2 to 1 for the Globe. Barracas was going to get out of the way, but the judge in charge of the VAR, Ariel Penel, called the central referee, Darío Herrera, to review the play.

It was there that Herrera verified that Díaz, when serving, had his hands outside the area. The judge asked for repetitions to verify the fault. And so it was: the classic gesture of changing the ruling, goal disallowed and free kick for Barracas. Before the auction, the local DT saw the red.

The shot was taken by Iván Tapia, son of the president of the AFA. And yes: he scored the 2 to 1 of Barracas in the Ducó. Hurricane fans had no consolation, not even with the nine minutes of discount that Herrera gave.

A piece of regulation: if Cóccaro deflected his shot or was saved by goalkeeper Gagliardo, the video judge did not have to call Herrera for review. Remember: the VAR protocol indicates that it is activated in the event of goals, not an unobserved free kick.

The crazy celebration of Barracas Central, with the incredible 2-1 against the Globe (Photo: @barracascentral).

Y it was a direct attack, because if a footballer from Berti’s team deflected the ball and a new attacking play began, the VAR should not act either. So, the procedure of the video and court judges was correct.

Look at the video

Toranzo’s reaction

The midfielder, after the game, declared: “We already know what VAR is, it’s the first time it’s happened to us. Sometimes it helps you and sometimes it hurts us. I told the referee that he charges us and the goal comes. One leaves in anger. But they are the laws that they put. We have to get used to this, which is football,” Toranzo said after the match.

“When the VAR appeared, many people told us how it is. We play football. We like mischief, the one who takes advantage. If VAR didn’t exist, we were fair winners, but we have to get used to it.”, he added. Clarito: he does not endorse the referee’s responsibility despite his discomfort.

“Now we have five finals left, we have to concentrate well, we can’t blink.”

The match summary

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