Hebraica defeated Sportivo Pilar in their last presentation

With a great second half, Hebraica won 80-66 against Sportivo Pilar. Terrera at home and Petruzzi on the visit were the scorers of the match with 18 points.

The start was favorable to the visitors, who defended well and started ahead 6-2. Bueri appeared there, who with six consecutive goals put Hebraica ahead 8-6. A 6-0 run for Sportivo, led by Prego, made it go ahead, but the local triples appeared, first by Heredia and then by Feldman, to make Hebraica end the first quarter 20-18.

The second half continued at the same pace and the locals were ahead 24-18, Sportivo had a reaction and with a 7-0 run they went ahead (25-24). This room had Terrera and Rodríguez as figures who made the process even. The first half ended with the visit 36-31 up.

In the third quarter the best of Hebraica appeared. A first quarter of 11-1 made him take a three lead (42-39). From then on it was all for the locals, who minutes later, led by Terrera and Macías, posted a 17-0 sprint to definitely break the game and get what had been the maximum of 18 (59-41) until then. Led by Prego, Sportivo closed better and the third quarter ended with the locals winning 64-51.

In the last ten minutes, Hebraica came out determined to settle the game, and with a 6-0 run, he scored 19 (70-51) and there the game was sentenced. Petruzzi tried to discount but it was difficult given the effectiveness of Macías and the contributions of Terrera. Thus, the match ended 80-66 in favor of Hebraica, which ended the tournament with a win.


Hebrew (80): Terrera 18; Lakes 4; Macias 15; Floretti 12; Bueri 11 (FI); Feldman 5; Bastian 0; Sambadi 0; Heredia 15
DT: Joaquin Macias.

Sportivo Pilar (66): Colonel 0; Rodriguez 8; Caceres 8; Petruzzi 18; Prego 12 (FI); frizzy 2; Gutierrez 10; Medina 3; Country 2; Rosemary 0; Mendoza 3
DT: Sebastian Silva.

Stadium: Medinat Israel Micro Stadium.

Referees: Franco Buscaglia; Lucas Callejas.

Source: Hebrew Press.



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