He now has to fear for his freedom for three weeks


09. April 2022 – 15:06 watch

Everything is at stake now in court! The jury found the former German tennis star guilty of several charges. The jury decided on Friday (April 8) that the 54-year-old withheld parts of his assets from his insolvency administrator. Becker could theoretically face a prison sentence. The ex-tennis star is now facing three tough weeks, during which he has to fear for his freedom, because the sentence is not to be announced until April 29th. Becker followed the verdict with a red head and so he leaves the court, as you can see in the video. He can still appeal the verdict.

Here is the live ticker.

In the video: RTL reporter Katharina Delling explains details

In the case of Boris Becker, the jury has reached a decision

At 11 a.m. German time on April 6 in London, the actually all-important day of the trial began. After everyone was seated, the judge asked the panel of judges to consider Becker’s status as a celebrity to better understand his story and experiences. It had looked very different at the start of the process when she had expressly asked to hide his celebrity status. Deborah Taylor was probably referring to the defense’s closing argument. According to this, agents and consultants took care of all matters for years, while Becker concentrated on training and tournaments. He traveled around the world 35-40 weeks a year and had no overview of his accounts and finances.

Hand pressed to his lips, Becker listened intently. The judge explained the whole case to the jury and reread all 24 counts before the jury withdrew. After no decision was made for days, the clarification of the question of guilt continued on Friday, April 8th. When they returned to the courtroom, the jury finally found guilty on four of 24 counts. Among other things, it is about Becker’s real estate.

Now the judge has to decide on the appropriate sentence.

Boris Becker reappears with his family

Boris Becker with girlfriend Lilian and son Noah.

Boris Becker can also count on the support of girlfriend Lilian and son Noah on Friday, April 8th.


As on the previous days, Becker was not on his own. He was again accompanied by his girlfriend Lilian De Carvalho Monteiro, who has been by his side since the trial began. Noah Becker (28) also appeared again with the couple to help his father in court. Despite the support, the 54-year-old seemed tense – no wonder, after all, when he entered the courtroom he did not yet know whether, in the worst case, he could face a seven-year prison sentence. (dga)



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