Hansa Saturday against St. Pauli – that’s why the explosive duel increases in the evening – football

On Saturday (8:30 p.m.) the second division game that many fans have been waiting for takes place in Rostock’s Ostseestadion: Hansa vs. St. Pauli. The explosive duel!

The question is: Why does a “high security game”, which unfortunately has regularly led to serious riots in the past, have to take place in the dark?

Actually, potentially stressful games are not scheduled in the evening.

Hansa boss Robert Marien (41): “Several weeks ago we expressed our concerns about the evening schedule in writing and are – like FC St. Pauli – irritated that a high-risk game is taking place in the dark.” Pauli opposite Oke Göttlich (46): “We were informed that the security organizations and authorities had no concerns about playing the game on Saturday evening.”

Apparently, they bowed to the desire of the television station (Sport1 broadcasts live). The police could have vetoed this at the Central Information Center for Sports Operations (ZIS) – but did not do so.

Photo: Marco Zitzow

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Already in the first leg, the police drove up – it was only minor disturbancesPhoto: Marco Zitzow

Why not?

Rostock’s police chief Achim Segebarth (47): “We have observed in the past that such game schedules still take place in the evening. This game is conflicted one way or the other. A different time would not have affected the potential for conflict. There is enough evidence here that riots are being specifically sought. This circumstance is independent of time.”

What is also explosive: Due to Corona, fewer buses go to the train station (including for the special train to Hamburg) – and a neighboring disco is partying on Saturday night!

For Marien it is important that it stays quiet in the stadium: “Of course we can only take responsibility for that, the police are responsible for security in public space. Before this season, we installed an additional safety fence between the east stand and the guest block, another fence system behind the stand and significantly improved the surveillance technology. Invested a mid-six-figure amount overall.”

Hopefully enough!


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