Great victory for Hindu BBC against Revolution

El Sagrado had an excellent night to defeat San Juan by 87-66 and achieve its best victory in the Cuyo Division to continue fighting for its passage to the next phase of the Federal League.

Hindú won an important victory to continue looking for his place among the top six and advance in the tournament. El Sagrado built its sixth win of the season in the first quarter, winning 25-9. Both in the second and the third, although the procedure was changing the dominator, it remained even, since both partials ended tied (the second in 23, and the third in 19), to maintain the advantage in 16 before 10 final minutes. Those led by Rodrigo Soria managed to widen the differences in the last quarter (they took it 20-15) to beat the team led by Sergio Cabañas by 21, another of the direct rivals to continue in the competition.

Among the top scorers of the venue and the match, there was a tie with 16 points between Diego Sequeira, Jonathan Struciat and Ignacio Solohaga. Captain Diego Sequeira topped the PIR list, also contributing seven assists, five rebounds and three recoveries with 100% effectiveness in doubles and free kicks. For his part, the man from Chaco added eight rebounds, four assists and one recovery, while Nacho (scorer for the third consecutive game), had six assists and five rebounds. On the visiting side, the most outstanding player was Hugo Castro with 16 points (joined the scoring tie), 12 rebounds and four assists.


Hindu BBC (87): Jonathan Struciat (16), Exequiel Rubio (14), Diego Sequeira (16), Ignacio Solohaga (16), Agustín Mirolo (13), (FI); Gonzalo Chacón (-), Jorge Cirillo Tomassi (-), Mauro Girón (5), Enzo Galván (3), Antonio Montivero (-), Gabriel Mirolo (4). DT: Rodrigo Soria.

Revolution (66): Juan Romero (11), Emmanuel Uzair (8), Hugo Castro (16), Juan Rodríguez (4), Matías Lucero (11), Iván Martín (-), Emanuel Cabañas (7), Jesús Muñoz ( -), Facundo Bustos (-), Marcos Uzair (9). DT: Sergio Cabanas.

Partials: 25-9 / 23-23 / 19-19 / 20-15.

Technical Commissioner: Gustavo Nieva.

Stadium: José Antonio Russo (Hindu BBC of Catamarca).

Source: Vir Meyer, Hindu press.

Photos: Steven Arroyo



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