Giants draw kept Guardiola’s City in the lead (2-2)

BarcelonaThe duel between the two Premier League giants would start so intense and so many things would happen from the first minutes that it would not be long before the expectations surrounding the clash between the two fittest teams in England were met. “When I retire, I will remember Liverpool as the toughest rival,” Pep Guardiola had said in the preview. “City is the best team in the world,” said Jürgen Klopp. The high and precious rivalry they have been providing in recent years citizens i reds it is also largely explained by the stamp of his two coaches. The match would be sealed with a draw (2-2) that leaves everything the same at the top of the table: City is still first with a point margin over Liverpool.

It hadn’t been five minutes since Sterling had had his first chance. First notice. Shortly afterwards, Kevin De Bruyne was quick to make Etihad happy with a shot that would hit Matip before ending up in the back of the net. It looked like things were going well for the locals, but Liverpool would not take ten minutes to respond, with Diogo Jota ending a good collective attack play. Great party script.

With the Belgian commander the game of skyblues, Guardiola’s men found a large estate to explore on the back of right-back Alexander-Arnold. This is where they were creating more danger, but City’s second goal would come from the other side, with Gabriel Jesus appearing by surprise and picking up a great service from Cancelo. Liverpool’s response could have come in an action by Diogo Jota, but Laporte, faster than the Portuguese, caught the ball in a providential action.

Who would sign the tie again would be Mané, when the second half was just beginning. The African champion would aptly define a pass full of poetry by Salah. The goal would leave City knocked out for a few minutes, until it was recovered and would have, in a free kick by Mahrez on the post and in an erratic definition in the last minute of the Algerian, the best opportunities to undo a tie that, despite everything allows them to continue to be leaders. Blessed rivalry.



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