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It’s THE topic of the match day: Bayern and the fuss about the change mistake at Kingsley Coman. Many fans are already joking on the Internet that the Munich team staged the whole thing to keep the tension high in the league. If the competition doesn’t take care of it, you have to take action yourself.

Seriously: If SC Freiburg protests and the process has consequences for Bayern, this would of course be very annoying for the record champions. But to be honest, not anymore.

Even stripping Bayern of their 4-1 win wouldn’t really bother them as it wouldn’t affect the championship fight (do we still have one?).

“Pursuers” Borussia Dortmund made sure of that with their 1:4 defeat against RB Leipzig. But the fact that BVB trips itself up with regularity is practically the law.

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Does this change cost you the win?
The whole of football Germany is discussing this scene!

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The only thing to be happy about in Dortmund on Saturday was the sold-out stadium. 81,365 fans, the first time in over two years.

“Full house” was not everywhere on this 28th match day. In Leverkusen, for example, many places remained empty, although that could also have been due to the opponent. Even after a long absence, Hertha BSC doesn’t lure everyone back into the stadium.

For the Berliners, the guest appearance in the Rhineland did not go as hoped with a 1: 2. After the great start of the new Magath/Fotheringham coaching team against Hoffenheim (3-0), Hertha was very confident that they could annoy the Werkself too.

That didn’t work out so well, but: The effort was right, the team played aggressively and played five kilometers more than Leverkusen in the first half. Hertha woke up after the lethargy under Tayfun Korkut, Magath and his co. can take credit for that. The question remains whether all of this is coming too late.


Watch, listen and enjoy
Finally football goosebumps again!

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Finally, congratulations to VfL Bochum, who celebrated their 100th away win in the Bundesliga in a 2-1 win against Hoffenheim. But that’s not the only reason why they could open a bottle at VfL today. 35 points – purely statistically, Bochum has the league in the bag. With this yield after 28 match days, no club has ever been relegated at the end of the season.


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