Fitness is becoming more and more convenient. Wuxi focuses on revitalizing the city’s idle land. This year, 21 new sports parks will be rebuilt.

“There is a green space and a fitness venue outside the house, so happy!” In the early morning, 70-year-old Aunt Qin started the morning exercise mode in the sports park downstairs. This “Rongyuan”, located at the intersection of Liangqing Road and Qingqi Road in Binhu District, was originally an idle wasteland. After being built, it has now become a daily fitness check-in point for surrounding residents. In recent years, in order to meet the growing fitness needs of citizens, Wuxi has focused on revitalizing the city’s idle land, and empowered the “ten-minute sports fitness circle” by building or renovating and expanding sports parks.

In the 14th Five-Year Plan of Wuxi Sports, the construction of sports parks is also the highlight. The reporter learned from the Municipal Sports Bureau yesterday that Wuxi will rebuild 21 new sports parks this year, and they are currently in progress.

Different location requirements determine scale positioning

In recent years, Wuxi’s national fitness facilities have been continuously improved, and 227 sports parks of various types have been built. Among the 21 sports parks this year, there are new comprehensive sports parks and renovated small sports parks. Among them, 7 sports parks will be rebuilt in Yixing, Jiangyin, 2 in Liangxi District, 1 in Xishan District, 2 in Huishan District, and 2 in Binhai District. There are 5 in the Lake District, 3 in the Xinwu District, and 1 in the Economic Development Zone.

The geographical location of each sports park is different, and the needs of residents are also different, which determines the different characteristics, scale and positioning of the sports park. Gonghe New Village Pocket Park, Chengjiang Street Sports Pocket Park, Tucheng Road Community Pocket Park, Gaolang Community Small Park… The reporter found that among the newly rebuilt sports parks this year, pocket parks and small parks accounted for a large proportion of the sports parks. . “These are all areas with high population density around the community. Fitness facilities are added to the existing pocket parks to facilitate residents to exercise nearby.” Xu Jiachun, the group division of the Municipal Sports Bureau, said that such sports parks cover a relatively small area. .

There are also a number of key projects this year, all of which are comprehensive sports parks. In the second phase of the Bodu River Ecological Management Project (Xingchang Road Section), an additional sports area of ​​4,055 square meters will be added. The relevant person in charge of the Xinwu District Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau introduced yesterday that basketball courts, tennis courts, skate parks and other sports venues will be built here to create a national sports park. Xu Jiachun said that there are also fitness trails, fitness testers, etc. The setting of scooter venues is also based on the needs of citizens. “Some citizens suggested whether to build a skateboard in the sports park, because Wuxi can skateboard. The venue is extremely high. few.”

The sports park of Phase III of Xicheng Canal Park is located on both sides of Xicheng Canal, Chengjiang Street, Jiangyin City. The new sports area has reached 97,500 square meters. There are 12 sports items, such as trails, paths, standard basketball courts, non-standard basketball courts, Football field, table tennis court, tennis court, children’s playground, skateboard park, comprehensive sports field, badminton court, chess and card booth, etc. Xu Jiachun said: “Xicheng Canal Park is a park that runs through the canal, and sports facilities are indispensable. The progressive improvement of various sports programs is also very popular among citizens. These sports programs almost meet the needs of fitness groups of all ages. Demand belongs to a comprehensive sports park.”

Similarly, in the Binhu Sports Park in Yixing, fitness trails, cycling paths and fitness paths will be built on both sides of the Daxi River this year, with an additional sports area of ​​500,000 square meters.

Use idle land to build a “gym”

Empower “Idle Land” to become “Gym”. The reporter found that most of the new sports park plots this year are idle plots, such as the smart sports park from Guangyi Street to Beixingtang River in the north and Xiangmao Road in the south, and Shiniangbang Elementary School, No. 282, Phase II of Xianhe Garden. Youyuan Garden, Taoyuanju Sports Park, Taoyuanju West District, Taikang Community, Rongxiang Street, etc., all use the idle plots around the community to build sports parks for residents. Guangyi Street Smart Park takes “ecology, sports and wisdom” as the main concept. The central sports fitness landscape area is the main part of leisure sports for citizens and tourists. In addition to the smart track running through the whole park, there are football, basketball, table tennis, AI 100-meter race and many other sports venues and music cafes. “Make full use of inefficient idle resources, restricted plots, and corner plots, so that citizens can exercise nearby. This is one of the original intentions of building a sports park.” Xu Jiachun said.

In recent years, there have been many successful cases in Wuxi, from abandoned land in disrepair to green sports venues. The roof of a factory building in Shanbei Street, Liangxi District has been transformed into a green field. Since it was built last year, it has become a new check-in place in the hearts of football fans. “As long as you have time, you will definitely invite golfers to play, the key is very far from my home. Near.” Mr. Liu, who lives in Sheng’an Garden, is a fan, and this stadium allows him to exercise more frequently every month. “There is a lack of sports venues in the nearby park, and corporate employees and surrounding residents have always reported that fitness and exercise is difficult,” the staff of the Social Affairs Bureau of the Shanbei Sub-district Office told reporters that the idea of ​​building an air court came into being after considering the renovation of the factory building and the needs of the masses for fitness. Meijing Village Sports Park is the use of idle space in Meijing Village, Luoshe Town. In October last year, it built a sports venue with a variety of fitness projects of more than 2,000 square meters and a total investment of more than 1.5 million yuan. There is a seine basketball court inside. There is an open-air badminton court, an open-air dance hall, fitness equipment and rainbow trails.

(Reporter Yingluo / text, photo)



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